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Finnish customs is selling the VAZ “classics”

In 2015, the auction put 128 Russian and Soviet vehicles abandoned by illegal immigrants on the Finnish-Russian border. The customs of Finland in the city of Salla sells the remaining 22 cars.

The cars that will be sold in the community of Salla, flocked in 2015. Finnish border guard service seized more than one hundred machines as the instrument of crime, because their former owners were suspected of organizing illegal entry of refugees from Russia to Finland, according to

They say the jewel of the current auction will be a VAZ-2106, the one with the round headlights. The car is almost in perfect condition, on the go. Also will go under the hammer a few Volgas and the former “minibus” GAZelle 3221.

In Finland there is even a Club of fans of Frets that are hunting for old Soviet and Russian cars. In total there are about 500 people. One of the enthusiasts — Jussi Kulonen, specially going up for auction to become the owner of a rare instance.

When he asked what he loves cars, he says that they have a very simple design and easy to fix. In General, he likes their story:

“I’m attracted to everything Soviet. In the former Soviet Union is interesting for how the singularity system and its planning”.

From Jussi Kulonen already have a collection of 40 Russian vehicles, but they are rather an ornament of the court. Ride them not: the strict environmental regulations of the country they do not match, the inspection won’t pass, they don’t register, which means they are “outside the law”.

However, the interest in cars from buyers of huge, last summer in Sallu came about a hundred people. This time the cost of the machines can reach up to thousands of euros. However, customs officers are ready to give the remaining cars at any price just to clear the area, so there is a chance that the last copies will go for pennies.

  • Soviet cars went for export. What models were popular in European countries, says our author.
  • Abroad not only sold our cars, but first worked on them, and even changed the name more euphonious. For example, the Muscovites offered in Europe under the name Scaldia and Scaldia Elite.

Photo: Wikipedia

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