For 3 years Ukroboronprom was transferred to the army of 16 thousand units of military equipment

The enterprises-participants of the State concern “Ukroboronprom” to 15 903 units of weapons and military equipment for the Ukrainian army. Such results of the largest military-industrial enterprises of the state are contained in the annual report of the new management that was appointed by the President of Ukraine in July 2014.During the reporting period from July 2014 to July 2017, the Ukrainian army intensified 5281 unit new and upgraded equipment, 7164 units renovated and restored and transferred to the 3458 units of spare parts, components and assemblies.

Poroshenko called armored vehicles “Dozor-B” the best
It became known how much technology was transferred to military for 2 years

Among the new and upgraded OVT majority is rocket-artillery weapons, and missiles and munitions – 1061 2613 units and units in a line. The military also got 1277 new and upgraded radar systems, electronic warfare and communications, 295 armored vehicles, artillery and special equipment and 35 units of aircraft and equipment.

What will give the teeth. Analysis of the defense budget-2017
What will give the teeth. The report from the exhibition “the Weapon that BEZPEKA 2016”

For three years the Ukrainian army has replenished 3395 units restored and repaired armored vehicles, artillery and special vehicles. Enterprises of the Concern have restored and repaired 2,991 missile and artillery weapons, 463 units of radar systems, electronic warfare and communications, 298 units of aircraft and related equipment and 17 units of naval equipment.

Recall that according to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the Armed forces of Ukraine entered the top ten strongest armies on the continent. In the spring of 2014 “Ukroboronprom” began to mobilize all the industrial and scientific forces to create a strong shield to protect the borders of Ukraine. Only for the first year of the confrontation between the production and modernization of weapons and military equipment increased 36 times. The army systematically and in full receives all the necessary weapons and equipment, in accordance with the state defense order.

“Ukroboronprom” reported on the number of transferred equipment for the army in 2016

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