For $7.2 million, sold the largest collection of classic Ford

Pradaja the collection of a private Museum of den Hartog (Den Hartogh Museum) became a noticeable event in the world, lovers of classic vehicles at the auction Bonhams was exhibited from more than 220 instances of Ford at the beginning and middle of the last century. Moreover, as the standard cars and special versions of commercial vehicles, buses, fire trucks and racing cars. The auction attracted more than 500 buyers from around the world.
Ford Model B, 1905

Star and the most expensive lot was the Ford Model 1905 with an open body without doors type “ton”, which Den Hartog purchased from the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. Bidding for this instance became the long on the auction and eventually the car went to a buyer for 419 750 euros (about 488 thousand dollars) in 7 times more expensive than the appraised value. This was the largest sum ever paid for a Ford Model B.

Ford Model K, 1906

The second most expensive lot was the successor to the Ford Model B – Ford Model K with a body “Phaeton” sold for 345 000 EUR (approximately 400 000 $ ).

Ford Model A Snowmobile, 1930

An increased interest was observed in unusual instances, such as the snowmobile on a base Ford Model A 1930-th year. Miniature pickup truck for movement on snow is characterized by a thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the design: to support tracks has two additional axes, and the front not only found romance, but kept the original wheels. At an estimated price of 2030 thousand euros, the snowmobile was sold for 87 400 euros ( 100 thousand dollars).

Ford Model AA Popcorn truck, 1928

Shop trailer for on the basis of the Ford Model AA 1928, the year, is equipped with facilities for the production and sale of popcorn, the owner of a private Museum flew in from New Zealand and bought a car for 46 000 euros (about 53 000 USD).

The auction, in total, lasted 10 hours, was served by four of the auctioneer. The collection was completely sold out, and proceeds repeatedly exceeded the value of the car. Buyers spent 300 lots 6 353 157 euros, or about 7,2 million dollars.

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