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For it was impossible to love, but you can appreciate Lada Largus

Lada Largus — budget passenger car with the roominess of a minivan. For a second-hand copy sellers asking an average of 463 thousand rubles. Is it worth it to take? The pros and cons of buying Russian “heel” learn the material the author of the blog

The main advantages of Lada Largus

In addition to the prices, domestic “Largus” brags roominess. In the trunk is more than 600 liters of cargo. If needed, the salon can be transformed into a seven-seater car and get a 2500 l of free space. Due to the rectangular shape body and interior with no bevels there you can put long loads.

The third row of seats in the “Largus” is made not for show, as many crossovers. There is a long drive quietly survive two adult passengers standard and growth. The clearance adds another trump card model. You have the regular version of “Largus” it is equal to 170 mm, cross-version — 200 mm.

Service “Russian” cheap, parts are always available. On a hand plays simple optics and a primitive structure model. And the simpler the car, so it is safer and cheaper.

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What saddens Russian universal

The owners of “Largus”, judging by the reviews from the forums, not satisfied with the ergonomics of the cabin. Button heated seats are located near the control lever and the joystick, the regulatory side mirrors — somehow under the handbrake. The horn hidden on the steering column switch and Windows installed on the dashboard, closer to the gear lever.

The materials cheaper than the cheapest. The driver’s seat and dashboard creaking came straight from the factory. Salon poor. There is no heating windscreen, steering wheel and rear seats, modern multimedia, electronic assistants. There is only heated front seats, an old radio, ABS and rear Parking sensors.

The chassis is well adapted to the domestic roads, but the handling leaves much to be desired. The car leaning in corners, detractory traffic to stores.

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What to consider when buying “Largus”

If you take a car, please note that on the early models was the French engines. They serve up to 400 thousand km, but a lot of “eat” and have a bad transmission setup. In the “Largus” with 16-year issue established Russian engines. They break even at 200 thousand miles, but more economical (11 litres/100 km), dynamic (12 sec. to the first “hundred”) and have no problems with the box.

Also keep in mind that used vehicles often come true with problems. Not to buy a problematic car, before you buy, check its history. View a sample report

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