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For sale BMW the shtirlitsa: 5.5 million

However, the experts have questions about the car.Marina Govorova


Car kensabanut from Stirlitz to uncle Fedor

For sale in St. Petersburg exhibited the BMW 1937. Now this famous participant spends century in the old garage on the outskirts of the city. The current owner claims that among the former owners of rarity was even a senior SS man. In the Soviet Union, this machine was supposedly as a war trophy. Where she went — “served” in different troops and was even listed in taxi. And once found himself in the legendary film 1973 by Vyacheslav Tikhonov in the title role.

With such a rich biography of this car would have become a Museum piece, but his film career didn’t end. The life of a German car extended struggling. Over time, the original parts were replaced by others, at first glance, absolutely wrong. So under the bonnet of the BMW appeared from the engine of the Volga.

Trophy car acted up until recently. For example, played in the TV series “Ashes”, although “old” is over 80. Experts in the field of automotive antiquity doubt that this is the car that starred in the “17 moments”. The series examined frame by frame and noticed a lot of inconsistencies. But the seller has an explanation: he says that after a premiere, the car was sent on a deep tuning, so she changed.

A curious fact

Yulian Semyonov wrote the novel “17 moments of spring” in 1969. In the novel Stirlitz moves to the elegant Horch. If you will reread the entire novel — you will not find mention on any particular model Horch went Stirlitz. For standartenfuhrer this car is clearly not according to the order. Horch — the premium brand on these cars rode just the tip of the Third Reich. Therefore, in the film the bar slightly lowered.

  • And here is the same Horch from the TV series “sword and Shield”.

Photo: A frame from the movie “Seventeen moments of spring”

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