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Ford developed a vibrating glass for the blind

The glass will transmit the view from the window by means of vibration.

Company Ford has developed glass for the blind, which transfers 255 different vibrations for the illustration of the surrounding panoramas.

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10 innovative technologies of the automotive future

The American carmaker has created a unique glass together with startup Aedo, reports Motor.

The technology is called Feel The View. It works like this: the camera takes the objects and puts the picture in black-and-white image. At the same time, each shade of gray corresponds to the vibration pattern of the glass. According to the developers, the innovation will help to “transform the vehicle into an unforgettable adventure”.

Recall that in China develop innovative “smart” road that would charge electric cars and to check the speed of the cars. In General, the highway to count traffic cars per day, their temperature, speed and weight.

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