Ford Fiesta ST: total Recall

Got me a lot of personal – so there was life. And we are tied stronger than required by the professional relationship. Now she stands in front of our Kiev office, but I still see it in the mountains of the côte d’azur, on the special stages of Rally Monte-Carlo. It was there a little more than four years ago were sled presentation “asticky” the second generation. And one of the highlights of the test drive, I remember all my life.

Closed turn, I stopped… Stopped… Probably flew a little faster than I should, out of a sense of self-preservation. But the feeling was Napping, and I was pretty intoxicated with the Fiesta. Yes, technically I have not violated the requirements of characters, and for the previous quarter of an hour met on the road or one car. And then in the same turn I suddenly saw right in front of a bull, the face of the truck. Here’s someone who went, so went the widely-gospodsky, taking almost half of my bands.

Fiesta ST as if sticks to the road and Willy-nilly forced to repeat her profile.

The truck driver managed, of course, to round eyes, but with the Fiesta needed something else to seep in the eye of a needle. For this machine with accuracy to a centimeter literally had to react to the leap steering, no slipping of the front axle, not to lean, not to cheat in hardly established between us a subtle sense of its size…

Engine, springs, dampers, camber angles of the wheels – here it’s not as “civil” Parties. And the degree of pleasure far above!

She did everything and I think today itself. Only rollicking whistled the left side of the mirror, to slip just a few millimeters from the carcass of the truck.

Eternal youth

Today we like got older. She is a very modest Central display, not to feel a touch, and incomprehensible by today’s abundance of buttons on the console. My first gray hair at his temples. I still do not shake sports “ladles” Recaro from, although I have to admit, complain of tachycardia, the heart begins to beat faster as soon as the finger falls on the button to start the engine.

The deliberate modesty of its interior highlights an indisputable fact: here you do not have cheap and ride!

Because the Fiesta ST made to recall everything you know about driving. Will refresh even the long-forgotten skills. It would seem that under the hood, petrol four cylinder with a total volume of 1.6 L.

But 180 horses to the curb weight 1163 kg is cool. Even steeper thrust that you find under the gas pedal: maximum 240 Nm available in the range 1600-5000 rpm. It is always there. And always good, even in the rotation: electronic simulation of differential lock eTVC doing its job so that the word “imitation” I want to remove.

The 1.6-liter, 180 horses and 240 Nm. And four cylinder! New Fiesta ST will be limited to three.

Gearbox – an automatic, on 6 stages. But even if you manage to get to the toffee just on a steep rise, nervous don’t have: Fiesta ST courtesy “hold the brakes” as you move the foot on the gas pedal. Oh, and this “esterke” you can move in third gear with 40 km/h and almost up to 140 km/h.

Perhaps this is the only nods to comfort. The springs, dampers, camber angles of the wheels – here it’s not as “civil” Parties. The clutch pedal requires more effort and gives less information than you expect. Shaking whether in the pits? Yes, and pretty! But otherwise, it seems to “stick” to the asphalt, and Willy-nilly forced to repeat his profile.

The chair is excellent! Care not only about the sides, but also on the shoulders. And the inscription on the side are very significantSix-speed mechanics is the only possible transmission. But it is easy to make friends: you always get in the right gear

However, for the sake of her phenomenal obedience I’m ready to forgive her everything, except trying to… to sing. A kind of amplifier “sound simpozera”, outlet fastin roar special brass pipe somewhere in the bowels of the dashboard – it seems out of tune. And not one I think so: missing copyright on Youtube videos instructional video on how to remove this “Appendix”.

All spring Fiesta ST sold for ridiculous as for such a vehicle, price is about 600 thousand UAH. The attraction of unprecedented generosity! And it ended just when I test drove the car to the office: stop the car, all sold out. New Fiesta ST will be another – more fashionable, modern, three-cylinder, but the 200-horsepower engine. And certainly more expensive. If she can do the same miracles? Wait and see, because her story is just beginning. But genes are very, very good.

We thank the company “winner imports Ukraine” provided for a test car.


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