Ford filed a lawsuit against the buyer for the resale of the car

The unprecedented trial could take place in the United States. Ford accused the American wrestler John Cena in breach of contract for the purchase of Ford GT supercar and its illegal resale. According to the document, Cena couldn’t sell the car within the first two years And indeed, Ford sold a new model of the supercar GT only under the condition that it will not resell within this period to avoid speculation, However, the buyer decided that since the car is in his possession, he is free to do whatever you want with him, and resold it. But still pretty Navar on this deal. In a lawsuit filed in Federal district court in Michigan, alleges that Sina resold supercar a few weeks after receiving it. While in conversation with a representative of Ford, he admitted his guilt and wished “to cooperate with the companies to fix everything.” The manufacturer demanded the return of the vehicle, and provide all documents for its sale, but was refused.
The company believes that because of the actions of the athlete, the brand has suffered significant reputational costs, which are estimated at more than $ 75,000. In addition, the manufacturer requires the reimbursement of court costs and return of illegal profits from the sale of the supercar.

Supercar Ford GT is equipped with a turbocharged engine 3.5 V6 EcoBoost family. The efficiency of the engine makes 655 horsepower and 745 Nm of torque. The maximum speed of Ford GT is 347 kilometers per hour. The company sells only to selected customers. Release of a sports car in the next few years will not exceed a thousand copies. Hence the excitement around the GT. but this model has another uniqueness. But what, we offer you to learn and pass a test on knowledge of the history of the brand Ford.

How well do you know Ford cars? Test for connoisseurs

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