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Ford Focus III: select the optimum option

The “third” Focus was not a best seller from a dealer, but on the secondary market, it diverges quickly. Expert “Behind the wheel” refers to the main problems and features of the model.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

Focus of the third generation were collected in Vsevolozhsk until June 2019; they did a sedan, five-door hatchback and wagon. When restyling (2014) seriously reworked exterior, and diesel and 2.0-liter aspirated was replaced with a gasoline turbo engine 1.5. And increased ground clearance!


  • Reliable engines, good dynamics and a moderate fuel consumption.
  • Durable suspension.
  • Good ergonomics and sound insulation.
  • Big set of electronic assistants already in the base.


  • Small angle of entry (the front overhang is long and low).
  • Cramped cabin, modest Luggage.
  • Electrician is not well protected from moisture and salt.

The cabin does not have enough space (this is especially noticeable on the background of the “second” Focus). A few tall people barely fit in the car.The cabin does not have enough space (this is especially noticeable on the background of the “second” Focus). A few tall people barely fit in the car.


The main we have petrol aspirated Duratec 1.6, familiar from “the second” Focus. It was released in versions with a capacity of 85, 105 and 125 HP, which had a different firmware and attachments. In some combinations of short-lived alternators and starters.

Dorestaylingovyh Duratec suffered from leaks control valve Assembly for exhaust camshaft and valve cover gasket. Piston group tend to rattle on a cold engine, but in General part mechanics no major problems. The transfer of motor production in Russia (2016) on the robustness is not affected.

Duratec 2.0 (150 BHP) has experienced rapid clogging of the injectors (common problem with units with direct injection) and the coking of the intake valves. Atomizer easy to clean “ultrasound”, effective cleaning of the valves without opening the motor impossible. Many instances are characterized by high vibration which caused accelerated wear right support.

Duratorq 2.0 diesel (140 BHP) — the brainchild of PSA. Requires regular cleaning of injectors, with good care is long.

Forced 1.5 EcoBoost (150 HP) was installed only on the machine the expensive models. His reputation is good.


Robot PowerShift dry clutch (for petrol versions) permanently upgraded, but the later units with mileage over 80,000 km don’t inspire much confidence. Version wet clutch is better, but put it only with a diesel engine.

Feature manual transmission (IB5, MTX75) — increased noise to “neutral”. Sometimes flow seals the actuator (on the early cars more and more). Other chronic diseases no.

Automatic 6F35 was only available paired with the EcoBoost motor. This carefully modified Fordoche “bad” box 6T30/6T40 of General Motors. Individual feature — quick oil contamination due to wear of the friction linings, so change the oil at least every 45 000 km.


After 70-80 thousand are usually dealt many elements of the suspension: stabilizer link, wheel bearings, silent blocks, front and rear, anthers actuators, pillow block bearings front struts, start to sweat absorbers.

Poor quality fuel can cause the appearance of fault codes; often the alarm sounding oxygen sensors, they are easily damaged due to bad gasoline.

Many machines on the secondary damaged regular mounting of the front bumper. Steering control in the embodiment of the power inherent in knocking on small runs (from “gigarec” this problem does not exist).

Euro NCAP: 2012: five stars. Driver/passenger — 92%, the child — 82%, pedestrian — 72%, security — 71%.

The most popular offer on the secondary: hatchback 1.6, 125 HP, robot

The OPTIMAL CHOICE of sedan or hatchback 1.6 125 PS, Inc

FOR the SAME MONEY: Skoda Octavia, Kia CEE’d, Chevrolet Cruze, Opel Astra, Mazda 3

  • Golf class for 600 thousand: all the best options we have collected in this publication.
  • A wide range of bracelets and belts to the wheels, antipaxi and chains available — you have to be ready for any surprises!

Photo: Ford

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