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Ford Kuga: all its features and shortcomings through the eyes of an expert

Auto expert explains what to pay attention about the purchase of the crossover in the secondary market.AFFILIATE MATERIAL

Crossover Ford Kuga second generation produced from 2012. Then the model started to produce the Ford Sollers plant in Elabuga. In 2013 Kuga in Tatarstan was done on a full cycle. In addition to IBM Elabuga production on the Russian market often Spanish machine. The build quality is about the same.

In 2016, the car survived the restyling. To distinguish such a machine possible in the first place, the wide grille, reminiscent of the Mondeo, and reduced the lights on the back.

In 2015, we have stopped selling the Kuga with diesel engines, leaving the Russian market only gasoline. This 1.5-liter EcoBoost forced capacity of 150 forces, atmospheric 2.5-liter engine of equal power and a 1.5-liter EcoBoost boosted to 182 HP-Liter cars come with all-wheel drive, 2.5 — only with forward. Transmission on all versions one — 6-speed automatic transmission, classical hydromechanics.

Body and interior

What is valued Kuga? For excellent ride quality, stylish appearance, roominess, comfort. This vehicle’s seven airbags and top-end versions, there is also a system of automatic braking, avtoparkova, blind spot monitoring, the monitoring of tire pressure and much more.

If you buy a used Ford Kuga, first of all should pay attention to the condition of the body. Great news — Kuga second generation took place in the factory hot dip galvanised double-sided, and if the car has not been in a serious accident, problems with the body.

The interior of the Kuga is very good for this class, although, of course, on previous cars already can appear some faults. Pay attention not only to the condition of the upholstery, steering wheel, pedals and gearbox, but the safety of the door seals — if visible dust and moisture, there is a problem with integrity. However, this is uncommon.

Electrical and electronics the Kuga reliable. One of the most common faults is a fault in the multimedia system SYNC, which suddenly starts making a noise instead of music. To prevent this, you can simple “flashing”, that is, the reprogramming of the system. Check with the owner first, do I need to do it.

Engines and transmissions

Atmospheric engines of the Kuga nothing to criticize. If the first owner spent all THAT time, no problems. Only in the range of about 200 thousand kilometers may require replacement dual-mass flywheel — this need can easily be determined by a metallic rattle. It is important that all cugowski engines adapted to run on 92-m gasoline. Just in case, try to refuel at a network of filling stations. Supercharged EcoBoost engines do not like low grade fuel. But who actually loves him?

Hydromechanical automatic transmission 6F35, Ford developed jointly with General Motors, is considered one of the most reliable 6-speed machines. That box quietly goes around 200 thousand, if the owner of the car enjoys racing and comply with the service intervals. To check box fairly easy: she should smoothly change gear in all modes and not to make any noise.

Much more satisfactory was a robotic box GETRAG Powershift brand, but only until 2014. Engineers have worked hard and have eliminated key shortcomings. So such machines is also possible to buy. Of course, after checking. And after purchase to send the car for servicing with replacement of all fluids and filters.

In the vehicle front-wheel drive. But in selling a lot of AWD GAC. In the system of the electromagnetic clutch of the American brand Dana, which Ferdowsi rather widespread Haldex coupling for performance. And do not be afraid of the horror stories about overheating clutches to make it virtually impossible. And to verify the easiest way on the fly: if the machine “rowing” all four wheels, the clutch is fine.

Dampers and bearings

Native dampers with careful operation serve 150 thousand, as well as silent blocks of front levers. But bushings rear independent suspension give up twice before. And once in 50 thousand have to change the strut and bushing of the rear stabilizer. However, it all depends on driving style.

The resource hub bearings depends on the size of the wheels. With 18-inch wheels it is, of course, less replacement may be required on 100 thousands. Resource the parts of the brake system is strongly dependent on the ambitions of the first owner. A version of the Kuga allows you to go fast and drivers are abusing this opportunity!

But in nature it is still a family crossover. Drive on health!

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