Ford presents new tuning parts

Ford has announced the opening of the program, Ford Performance Parts in Europe – a new range of high quality, specially designed parts approved by Ford, with the help of which customers will be able to further improve the design, acoustics and the performance of their sports cars Ford Performance.The first wave of recruitment Ford Performance Parts, for the first time presented on motor show in Essen, Germany is almost 70 personalization and improvement, designed, and protected by warranty Ford.

A range of parts Ford Performance Parts will be expanded in 2018: it will include more models of Ford cars and a new acquisition. In Europe, sports cars Ford Performance is presented by such models as fundamentally new Ford Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Focus RS, Ford Mustang and ultra-high-tech supercar the Ford GT.

The Ford Performance division was founded in 2014 as an innovation laboratory and test field where you want to create a unique high-tech cars, parts and accessories and thanks to them, customers receive a memorable experience. Strengthening its policy on the development of Ford Performance in Europe, Ford in the beginning of this year, has appointed Leo Roux (Leo Roeks) to the newly created position of Director Ford Performance in Europe.

A new line of manning Ford Performance Parts designed to emphasize the sporty character and premium dynamic characteristics of the car Ford Performance. It presents a variety of accessories and spare parts, from the improved chassis and suspension to exhaust systems and parts for engine tuning and decoration.

Products Ford Performance Parts designed in collaboration with world famous specialized companies like Roush, Borla, KW, and Remus, and tested for running quality and stability, including on the proving ground of Ford in Lommel, Belgium, and on the race track Nordschleife at the Nurburgring, Germany. All items of the line have the serial numbers of Ford and Ford’s warranty.

Ford will be presenting new products from the range of Ford Performance Parts, including:
• Adjustable spring-hydraulic riser and a set of Ford Performance shock absorbers that reduce the ground clearance of car up to 40 mm, pre-assembled for optimum control dynamics. For Ford Mustang and Focus ST can provide even more accurate adjustment of the depreciation on the moves of the rebound and compression up to 16 steps.

• Ford Performance wheels Premium alloy wheels, made by cold rolling instead of casting it is possible to reduce the unsprung mass by 15%. They are specially designed for use with adjustable sets of spring-hydraulic shock absorbers Ford Performance. These wheels with ten spokes and logo of Ford Performance, covered by three layers of magnetic paint, available for models Fiesta, Fiesta ST, Focus and Focus ST, with the size from 17 to 19 inches depending on model.

• Exhaust system Ford Performance made by Borla from high quality steel nearaway. They are in option allowed for roads, and only racing version and is available with a chrome or brushed exhaust pipe for models of the Ford Mustang with the EcoBoost 2.3-liter and 5-liter V8 engine.

• Wide selection of pens gear Ford Performance carbon fibers and a premium coated suede for the whole model range of sports cars Ford Performance, as well as a unique drive transmission with short stroke. This opportunity, available for models of the Ford Mustang six-speed and manual transmissions, reduces the stroke of the lever for gear shift by 20% and makes driving more sporty.

• Power blocks for the calibration of power car Mustang GT, which is available as three degrees for the model Mustang with a 5 liter V8 engine, and increase top speed the engine up to 7500 rpm.

• Kit turbocharger Ford Performance for a car with a Mustang 5-liter V8 engine developed by Roush Performance. It increases the power of the car to more than 600 horsepower and is compatible with a six-speed transmission with manual and automatic control.

In addition, the Ford Performance division was first introduced in Europe a new concept of a brake for drift Drift Stick – the world’s first hand brake with electronic controls in a racing style, designed and constructed for the model Focus RS, tested and approved by the star of the rally and stunt man Ken Block.

Brake Drift Stick – aluminum lever between the driver seat and a manual transmission – works in innovative driftaway mode. This is a unique solution in the automotive industry, designed for the Focus RS. Driftaway Allows you to make turns without skidding with the clutch, just like on a real rally car, and is designed only for race tracks.

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