Forget about punctures! On the way airless Michelin tires

It is expected that these tyres will appear on the production car of the American company General Motors by 2024.

Rworking prototype of the airless tire was named Uptis, which stands for Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (unique, puncture-resistant bus system).

Structurally, such tyre consists of an outer protector and an inner rim connected soft “spokes” from a mixture of composite rubber and polymer optical fiber.

Michelin claim that this structure is able to withstand high-speed riding. Currently shod in Uptis electric cars Chevrolet Bolt experience innovation EV bus at the site of General Motors in Milford, Michigan.

A sudden puncture: repair the tyre in a hurry

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is equipped with a prototype airless tire from Michelin

By 2024 General Motors is going to offer airless tires for some of its models as an option. They will reduce unsprung weight and increase the car’s range on a single charge.

Michelin estimates that about 20% of all tires discarded each year due to punctures or uneven wear. A total of 200 million tires per year out of operation.

Narrow or wide? As the choice of tires affects the handling

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