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Forgot rights — what’s in it for me?

Left at home (at work, at a party, etc.) right? Happen. Remembered about it just at the moment when you have stopped the inspector of traffic police? It is already worse. But not a tragedy…

Of course, before getting behind the wheel, you should always make sure that the car documents and driving license you have. But if — here’s the thing — law’s home and on the road you are stopped by the inspector, it is worth remembering article 12.3 of the administrative code. According to part 1 of this article for the absence of the driver’s license stipulates a fine of 500 rubles or verbal warning. The inspector can politely remind the possibility of just such forms of punishment. Especially if you are a disciplined driver, which practically is not fine. To establish whether you have a valid driving licence, and as for your fines, the traffic police can according your passport through an electronic database.

Important point: under part 1 of article 27.12 of the code of administrative offences for the violation referred to in paragraph 1 of article 12.3, the inspector must remove the driver from control to resolve the cause of suspension, to detain the vehicle and move the vehicle to the impound lot. But in fact, to ensure that you have applied such sanctions, we must also try to behave aggressive, defiant.

Harder if you have forgotten your passport. In this case, the police can detain you for identification for three hours. In order not to lose time, it makes sense to call someone from relatives/colleagues — they will bring your documents to the post where you stopped, or in the police station where you are escorted.

Many people store a driver’s license with proof of vehicle registration and insurance policy. In the absence of these documents, the inspectors have the right to fine another 500 rubles (part 2 article 12.3 of the Cao RF). It is in theory. In fact, the inspector is likely to write you only one order. However, if you continue your way and you will stop another inspector of the traffic police, the situation could be repeated. So, maybe it makes sense to leave the car in the Parking lot and go home otherwise. For example, on public transport or taxi.

A small consolation may be that when you pay the fines for the offences stipulated by Chapter 12 of the administrative code, within twenty days is entitled to a 50% discount.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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