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Forgotten in a taxi jaw, a TV and a living iguana

Sometimes passengers leave in a taxi unexpected things. According to statistics, in Russia every hour, 20 people forget personal belongings in the car. The leader of the rating of cities, where live the scattered passengers, was Krasnoyarsk.

The rating of cities, where live the most forgetful passengers taxi, and forget sometimes very unexpected things, the experts of the service taxi “Maxim”. No one surprise left in the cabin passports, umbrellas, keys and bags. But there are some exotic finds. So, in Khabarovsk, the driver immediately noticed a live iguana, which was left by negligent owners. She lived in the cabin for a few days, hiding under the dashboard, and even managed to cut the wiring.

Among other surprising findings: packages with clothes from a boutique, guitar and a bottle of whiskey, a weight and a change of shoes, lingerie and BDSM mask. In Irkutsk the passenger managed to forget false teeth and a plasma TV. However, the jaw is not forgotten by the owner himself, and a dental technician. Also in the cabin was found “the notebook pimp” with phones girls, their clients and the list of sex services.

The specialists of the service taxi note that the lead in the ranking of the most forgetful passengers a taxi is not Moscow and St. Petersburg, as it might seem. Of the capital only on 103-m and 148 th place in the list of 178. So, in the first half of this year, there were 500 calls about forgotten things taxi in St. Petersburg is 260.

Top 10 cities-leaders, where there are the most forgetful taxi passengers, as follows:

  • Krasnoyarsk — 4300 appeals
  • Irkutsk — 4000 hits
  • Vladivostok — 3150 cases
  • Khabarovsk — 2560 appeals
  • Barnaul — 2340 appeals
  • Yaroslavl — 2250 hits
  • Tomsk — 2100 hits
  • Ulan-Ude — 2000 references
  • Kemerovo — 1900 hits
  • Chita — 1720 references.

The rating took into account precisely the number of applications of passengers for forgotten items. Service note that if the driver fails feedback to find the owner of abandoned things, he has to take everything to the office. The client needs to call a taxi, to talk about the loss and the details of the trip, in this case a big chance that things come back to him.

  • Was previously published a list of the models of cars that taxi drivers prefer different regions. Because there are differences in the standard of living of regions, and the leaders were different models of cars.
  • By the way, in the capital by 2018, all taxis, which feature an official license, will be extremely yellow. This in order to make it easier for passengers to navigate, they will be easier to distinguish legal from illegal cab.

Photo: “Maxime”

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