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Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

One million roubles. With that kind of money you can wipe on a solid frame SUV, able to haul the whole family. Despite the fact that a class is considered to be endangered, the choice is still there.

First, decide what frame SUV and why you need it. In my understanding, is a versatile passenger car, parts and body which are mounted on a frame (usually a spar), with high ground clearance, a connectable or permanent all-wheel drive. The main advantage of these machines is the durability, reliability and capacity. And they are better than other cars designed to drive on dirt roads and private off-road sites. Such in our country enough.

Our goal is to find new or at least fresh car for family use. So, let’s dispense of exotic type Land Rover Defender (for a million we Shine only worn specimens aged 10 years and older), Jeep Wrangler (fun but impractical), H2 Hummer, h2 and other large “Americans” and “Japanese” American style as the Toyota Sequoia or Infiniti QX56 (voracious motors, excessive motor vehicle tax). I’m not saying it’s a bad machine. They’re just not for the mass market. As the tiny Suzuki Jimny. Yes, framed for a million you can buy almost new, plus excellent cross. But still, it’s not a family car.

UAZ Patriot and UAZ hunter

Of all frame SUVs are new for million we can buy only Patriot or hunter. First, depending on the range is from 000 to 699 919 000 rubles (without the paid options such as metallic paint, locking rear axle, pre-heater, additional heater, etc.). The choice of versions as extra equipment., rich. Hunter’s only two trim levels — the initial “classic” and a little more rich “Trophy”, 619, 000 and 679 990 rubles, respectively. And in the “Trophy” is already there, and metallic paint and 16-inch alloy wheels. For version classic these options is estimated at an additional 5000 and 15 000. In my opinion, they are this car is not needed.

To describe the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot and the hunter did not consider it necessary. They are already known. I just want to say that some of the cons of these cars as vague handling and high consumption of fuel, in varying degrees, common to all frame SUVs. Find in this class of vehicle with sports car handling and runabout appetite impossible. About the safety, poor quality of components and floating the build quality I will not argue.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

DW Hower h2

I foresee an objection that in our market there is at least one new frame SUV price up to one million rubles — DW Hower h2, localized Derways Great Wall Hover h2. It now serves in the minimum configuration city for 990 000 rubles. But this version lacks all-wheel drive. And the closest all-wheel drive, Comfort is already 1 from 239 000 rubles. Here, the competitor becomes the beginner of our market — Foton Sauvana. Recently, we conducted a comparative test of the three aforementioned machines. However, both “Chinese” more than a million.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

Chevrolet TrailBlazer

When you search for frame SUV, you will surely come across ads about the sale of Chevrolet TrailBlazer second generation. For a million it will be pretty fresh copies, 2014.

TrailBlazer is based on the Chevrolet Colorado pickup. The car was big and roomy, he has an impressive ground clearance: 267 mm with 18-inch wheels with 255 or 16-inch version LT, which prevails on the Russian market. Plus small overhangs and a limited-slip differential rear axle standard option. Of the minuses: lack of acceleration, weak brakes and a simple interior. 180-horsepower diesel displacement 2.8 l hardly heats big interior even with a hard frost outside. And the front seats without heating, which is not surprising — this TrailBlazer created for South America, Asia and Africa. All in all, it is unpretentious, reliable machine for undemanding to comfort owners.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is built on the basis of a pickup truck (Mitsubishi L200). With a million in your pocket, you can count on the “Sports” 2012 release, i.e. the machine of the second generation. Thai production to launch Pajero Sport in Kaluga was launched only in 2013. In the secondary market there are instances of three-liter 6B31 petrol engine capacity of 220 HP, but significantly more cars with diesel engine 4D56 displacement 2.5 liters and a power of 178 HP All of them, usually with a gun (V5A5A), whereas among the machines of the first generation most of the versions with manual transmission. Obviously, from the second generation Pajero Sport owners expected more comfort.

Powertrain from Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is considered very reliable. Faults occur only at irregular passage of maintenance and trying to save money on consumables. Diesel engines are exacting to quality of fuel, so it is better to refuel at the checked gas stations. And paint have the Pajero Sport too weak, rusty and spider veins are not uncommon even for a five-year cars. A weak spot in the design — steering rack. The need for repair is easy to detect rail gives himself a knock when driving. But knowing the design of these machines masters a lot of problems with spare parts no.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

Nissan Pathfinder

According to the same recipe made Nissan Pathfinder of the third generation. It is based on the Nissan Navara pickup truck. Our market are mainly “Pathfinders” (as translated Pathfinder) with a diesel engine YD25 cylinder capacity of 2.5 liters, with power of 174 HP and automatic transmission. Considerably less instances with petrol 4-liter unit with a capacity of 266 HP With 2010 Pathfinder put a three-liter turbodiesel V9X rated at 231 HP, paired with a 7-speed automatic. In my opinion, is the best option on the power. It is only necessary to monitor the level of fuel to prevent the engine has been running on the last drops of diesel fuel in the tank. Otherwise it may refuse valve exhaust gas recirculation EGR. The owners of the “Trackers” sometimes complain about the sound or breaking the pipes of the intercooler. Also care should be taken to clean the radiators. In principle, it is a hassle-free car. If you manage to find such neat from the owner, consider yourself very lucky.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

Nissan Patrol

For a million you can find Nissan Patrol Y61 (2007-2008). Tough, reliable SUV. This is both good and bad. As a rule, the owners of Petrolul (or Patrols, speaking in Russian) part with them, or when there are some major problems. In addition, these machines often take for regular rides on the road. The car has a powerful frame, axle suspension bridges, two-speed transfer box… But a weak metal, as the body and frame. Corrosion can eat even the number on the frame that faces problems with re-registration of cars. But if the former owner of addicted offroad, you need to look for signs of repair.

Three-liter turbo diesel ZD30DDTI capacity of 158 HP is rather weak for such a machine, prone to overheating and even cracks in the cylinder head. Considered to be very reliable TD42 diesel with a displacement of 4.2 litres and petrol engines 4.5 and 4.8. However, gasoline Patrol in our market are much less diesel, and those that have, often with gas equipment installed for saving on fuel. If LPG is not registered (and probably is), it may be a good opportunity for bargaining.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

Toyota Land Cruiser 100, and Land Cruiser Prado

Thinking about the Patrol, it’s hard not to recall the Toyota’s land cruiser. Toyota Land Cruiser 100 (as well as its luxury version of the Lexus LX 470) and Land Cruiser Prado — car reliable and with excellent permeability. But this reliability has become so legendary that in comparison with classmates of the same year the land cruiser is more expensive in half. Max, what can you expect for a million — car 2005. And some owners “kruzak” abused the vaunted reliability, “forgetting” even to change the oil in the engine. Thoroughly, you should check and criminal history of these machines. Find legally clean and technically flawless “kruzak” at a reasonable price is not easy. For the same reasons I don’t want to consider the Mercedes-Benz G-class. Simply put, the G-wagon. A close acquaintance with the legend can be very frustrating.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

SsangYong Kyron

Good options for travel to the country, fishing in the woods for mushrooms — the South Korean car brand SsangYong Kyron and Rexton. Of course, if you do not mind their controversial design. The engines of these cars are made under license from Mercedes-Benz. Gasoline G23D cylinder capacity of 2.3 liters and 150 HP praised for reliability. But, in my opinion, it is weak for a fairly heavy car. A two-liter 141-horsepower turbodiesel engine D20DT demanding quality diesel fuel. Blockage and failure of the EGR is not uncommon for Mironov. Harder to find a car with a more reliable diesel engine D27DT a displacement of 2.7 liters and output of 163 HP Gasoline G32D volume of 3.2 liters and power of 220 HP found on Cyrano in Russia even less.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

SsangYong Rexton

Unlike Kyron, Rexton often come across with a diesel engine D27DT. Owners of older Rexes mention much rusting frames, failing alternators and immobilizers. And yet not uncommon-circuit in the power supply circuit of light bulbs of stop lamps. And this malfunction is not so ridiculous as the gas pedal in these cars is electronic, and the fault signals can affect its performance. Better to find a car with a manual transmission. Australian slot machines BTR clutches fail 50-60 thousand kilometers, and the ZF failing control unit. Require special attention and lower ball joints front control arms.

As for quality paint coating and corrosion resistance of the body, Caironi and Rextoni they do not Shine like most machines in this review. Rusty and spider veins is not uncommon on cars with high mileage. Especially if they ran into large cities, where not skimp on reagents. And wonders of patency of the Korean cars do not have to wait — whether it’s the version with TOD (Torque-On Demand) or permanent all-wheel drive. The same UAZ Patriot off-road is likely to travel considerably further.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

Land Rover Discovery 3

Interestingly, if the Patrols, “kruzak” and “helice” are considered highly reliable machines, that are no less characteristics of Land Rover Discovery, in contrast, have the reputation of somehow weak. Yes, and it is also frame SUV! Only in the third generation (just fall in our price range) the frame was integrated in the body to lower the center of gravity and had a bend under the rear axle. Because, in fact, solid rear axle on this car is the rear suspension in the Disco 3 are independent, as well as the front. However the frame is still there, and solid, and on the terrain this car can give odds to most other SUVs. As part of the comfort. Especially in the versions with air suspension and control system all-wheel drive Terrain Response.

Good to know these “British” they say that in comparison with the Discovery of the first and second generations the third Disco is reliable enough. However, it is about a ten-year machine with many complex systems, designed for serious off-road. Should you play the lottery, you decide.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

***A million for many of us — a lot of money. It is obvious that they bought the machine needs to serve and please not one year. Accordingly, you need to choose carefully, slowly, studying all the possible options. And it is desirable to provide margin money to bring the purchase to mind. If you don’t reject cars with mileage, options will be many: in this review, I walked only on the tops.

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?

Photo: from archive of the author

Frame SUV over a million: what to choose for family?Photo: “Behind the wheel.Russia” , Ilya Pimenov “Behind the wheel”

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