France will ban the internal combustion engines

French authorities plan to 2040 in the country to ban the sale of petrol and diesel engines.

This is with reference to the Minister integrated environmental transformation Nicolas Hulot publication reports AFP.
According to yulaw, a complete rejection of vehicles with internal combustion engines would be “difficult”, especially for the automakers. The politician noted that the French companies have enough features to completely replace its range by the deadline.In addition, Hulot promised that soon the government will significantly expand the program of incentives for the abandonment of cars with internal combustion engines in favor of electric cars. On state support can count the French who refuse diesel vehicles older than 1997 model year and gasoline vehicles produced before 2001. When the Minister refused to specify the amount and other terms of the planned subsidies.The French authorities have several years of struggling with the old cars that pollute the environment. So, in the Central districts of Paris prohibited from riding in vehicles with diesel engines that were produced before 2000.

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