Fresh details about the new Nissan Leaf

Rearlier it was reported that significant changes in the dimensions will be — length of the new hatch is 4481 4445 millimeters against the predecessor, with the same wheelbase of 2.7 meters. The size and capacity of batteries has increased, but it had a minimal impact on curb weight — electric car now weighs 1557 kg instead of 1500 previously.
The Nissan concept IDS served as the donor design for the new Leaf

Recently, the network appeared the us Configurator with number of characteristics and prices of the Japanese electric vehicle of the second generation, which was then promptly deleted. The most simple equipment Leaf S will be even a little cheaper — $29 990 (it was $30 680). And this despite the fact that the model will get a battery capacity of 40 kWh instead of the current 30 kWh And the top modification will generally be powered on a battery of 60 kWh with a supply of Autonomous run up to 500 kilometers.

Nissan Leaf second-generation tests.

Will significantly increase power and electric propulsion — from the current 109 (280 N•m) to 150 (320 N•m) “horses”.

It looks like the head optics.

In the older configuration SL, new in the package for $900 (adaptive cruise control, automatic light switching and braking, lane departure warning) will also receive a system of semi-Autonomous control ProPilot.

Less drag and the best stability possible to overcome a greater distance without recharging.

The official premiere of the Nissan Leaf the second generation will take place on 6 September at a special event in Tokyo.

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