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From the back not to come! Test yourself on the knowledge of traffic rules

The last time we refreshed the knowledge about the work of the regulator. Today I propose to consolidate the material. The problem, of course, a little complicated.

So, you were transported to a regulated crossroads with tram rails. Lights are working, but the intersection is directing traffic. In what sequence will pass a vehicle in such a situation? The correct answer, as always, on the second page.

Yesterday at 13:43

The sequence in which vehicles should pass intersection?

First you will pass two tram and car No. 4. The latter will pass through the intersection the car No. 3. The order of journey of crossroads the following: tram No. 1 and No. 2 will pass the intersection first (simultaneously), the second will drive the car No. 3. Car No. 4 movement in this case is prohibited. The intersection in this situation can only be accessed by the tram No. 2 and car No. 3. They can begin to move simultaneously. In this position of the regulator movement may continue with the tram No. 2 and cars. The sequence will be as follows: first you will pass a tram car No. 3 would lock the movement of the passenger car No. 4.Vote


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