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Frozen brakes — what to do?

Brakes need something to release, but how?! There are a few proven ways.

Happens, though rarely, but always unexpected. For example, delayed in the evening in wet weather the Parking brake out of habit, and the next morning it froze good. What should I do? There are several options.

At the end of the eighties of the last century my friend, then starting the driver did not notice that he had during the night had frozen the rear brake linings. And drove it on the new front-wheel drive “forty-first” Moskvich several kilometers through the city, dragging the rear wheels on freshly fallen snow. Released wheels only on the viaduct, which was sprinkled with salt and sand. It turns out that a car with front wheel drive and can drive in this mode. It’s not just a horror story before bed, and the hint that if you close the Parking service or car wash, then theoretically on freshly fallen snow on studless tire can be reached in this way. And there, in the heat, but under the streams of water will quickly thaw.

Another way to bring frozen to the brake drums jet of warm exhaust gases from the engine of his car. Then take a piece of large diameter hose, which on one side must be worn on the exhaust pipe and the other to hold on to the inner part of the rear wheels. You can use the old hose from the vacuum cleaner.

The next option is a bit more complex: to get a pair of durable plastic bags, fill them with hot water and impose their brake drum. The wheel will have to be dismantled.

People who have the house has a set of tools, we can offer power wire from the window of a heat gun. And who has such a device there, come down and household hair dryer, just powerful. And certainly guaranteed to quickly heat the brake drums portable gas burner.

If you tapped the brake drums, but we must try not to damage them. This pounding should be using a block of wood and preferably not very heavy sledge hammer. Although this way, the experience will not always gives a positive result.

They say that there is a purely masculine way to warm the brakes. But that result was achieved, it takes a team of men after watching a football match with beer. Yes and the machine will have to wash it.

So I suggest a simple way that will suit everyone. Use the kettle of boiling water brought from home. Pour hot water on the brake drums. As soon as the wheels start to rotate, try to dry brakes rear wheel movement with a slightly tightened the handbrake. The friction pads will heat up and evaporated the water. Exactly the same, for the purpose of prevention, it is necessary to do after overcoming deep puddles before you leave the car in the Parking lot.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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