Gas station Ukrnafta change the character and essence

Nand the moment the new format has been running for five filling stations in Kiev and Kiev region. During the month the company will begin rebranding for at least 10 filling stations in the Western and Central region.

Industrial design, a set of necessary services, quality service, and of course, fuel of Euro-5 standard are the main signs of renewed filling stations “Ukrnafta”. Today at these stations, you can find a complete store of non-fuel products, the area of “fast food”, products for the car and the possibility to charge mobile phones — in fact, everything you need for the driver or traveler.

Of the latest innovations on the stations there are so-called “connection points”. This area is equipped with a built-in tablet where you can quickly and free of charge to go to the Internet, which also provides the opportunity to make free calls on the territory of Ukraine or anywhere in the world using your own Skype account.

The updated gas stations “Ukrnafta” and offers a new level of service. To that end, new employees of filling stations are rather difficult selection process and special training.

Reference: PJSC “Ukrnafta” — largest oil company in Ukraine, its share in the national production of oil with gas condensate in 2017 was 65.7%, the share in total gas production of 5.3%. On balance of the enterprise is 43 rigs, 1936 168 oil and gas wells. PJSC “Ukrnafta” owns 537 filling stations in almost all regions of Ukraine. 50% + 1 share of the company belongs to NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”.

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