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“GAZ group” explained the appearance of Tetris in the GAZelle Next

The company quickly responded to blew up the Internet a video in which shows you how to access the “Easter egg” — the game “Tetris” on the trip computer screen.

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According to the official position of the enterprise, this is no Easter egg: the game was intentionally laid in memory of the onboard computer to check the operation of the processor and operation of all areas of the screen. The test Tetris are all combinations of devices at the factory since 2007.

In a statement published on the official page of “GAZ Group” in the social network, said that such verification is part of the system of quality control the manufacture of vehicles GAZelle Next, is necessary in order to info from your computer screen is easy to read, and this requires that all areas of the display had the clearest possible picture.

Also clarifies that the running game during movement of the vehicle is impossible, that is, the security of an undocumented feature has no effect. However, the representatives of the company do not recommended to run Tetris in “order to avoid premature failure of the control buttons”.

With instructions on how to run Tetris in GAZelle Next, can be found here.

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Photo: YouTube

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