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Geely Coolray: first test drive compact crossover

Za rulem tested it on the roads of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. Liked.Yuriy Timkin “Behind the wheel”

Specially for Russia? Almost

Coolray length 4.3 m took the position of the compact crossover Chinese firms. It is built on a new modular platform of the BMA, which in the future will try Volvo XC20 (Swedish company owned by Chinese group Geely).

Platform this means the front suspension the MacPherson strut and the rear elastic beam. Drive — only the front. In China machine transmission 4×4 have limited demand, and develop a four-wheel drive version for the sake of Geely in Russia did not. For the first time in the history of the brand prototypes were tested including on our roads.

According to test results, it was decided to change the shape of the front bumper — the Chinese have increased the area of the intakes and made more efficient cooling of the brakes. Another would be to revise the suspension settings, making it a little softer: now even modest in appearance of bumps does not go unnoticed by the crew, to say nothing about the large potholes. Particularly strong shaking felt on the back row. All this is accompanied by a rather loud knocks in the suspension.

And what motor?

The Russian market Coolray will be supplied with a three-cylinder gasoline turbo engine. It was developed in Volvo (though the Swedes their cars with this engine in Russia is not offered), but differs in any other software. For the sake of getting in an advantageous tax category its capacity reduced from 177 to 150 HP Aluminum block, direct injection, the claimed resource — a minimum of 300 000 km And manufacturer allows the use of 92-octane gasoline.

How does it drive?

Such rapid dynamics cars of this segment to look for more (except Skoda Karoq). Slightly pressed the accelerator, and Geely carried forward. On disperse hundreds he needs and 8.4 s. the Maximum speed — 190 km/h. Excellent performance for a compact crossover.

Dynamics, perhaps even redundant. Thrust so that if the wheels are not dry and wet asphalt, the wheels start to spin even with careful pedaling. Also, mind the high fuel consumption. Claimed 7,4 l/100 km in the combined cycle is far from reality. In the urban hustle Coolray ate “tag”, and the average for the whole test consumption was 11.2 l/100 km At least as many showed the onboard computer.

In tandem with the motor performs seven-step robot with two wet clutches (manual transmission there is not expected). Running a bunch of motor-gearbox is a solid four. The robot switches smoothly and predictable. And yet, in tough city traffic it is a no-no, and twitches.

Among the owners there is a perception that Chinese cars tend disgusting handling. Like, compared to them even the domestic cars good rulyatsya. This situation was relevant five years ago. But since then much has changed. Coolray and proof of special grounds for criticism of the car gives you. Crossover is easy, if not smartly, dived into the turns different slope and passing them with commendable stability. Small banks, on the wheel — with adequate force. Geely willingly responds to depression of the accelerator pedal. The behavior of the machine predictable.

On the roads it is better not to meddle?

The test route is not meant out on the roads, but I still could not resist and pulled off the asphalt. Ground clearance is 190 mm (this is according to my measurements — the company declares 196 mm) allows you to confidently drive on difficult terrain. And yet a couple of times I struck the ground the front bumper — a bit too modest approach angle (18°).

We emphasize classroom setting electronics which is able to simulate the front mikolasko lock diagonally hanging Geely overcome without problems.

All inclusive

Familiarity with the salon started from the second row very much like to test the assurances of the Chinese unprecedented In the crossover space. Indeed, there is a lack — two adults will sit comfortably. And with options all right: two-stage heated seats, USB plug, armrest, power Windows avtodovodchiki — worthy conditions.

But driving still sit better. Then there’s a nice design, high quality finish, great ergonomics. Especially pleased with the driver’s seat: adjusted profile, good lateral support, an optimum rigidity of the gasket, electrically in this chair you can spend the day without a hint of fatigue.

In terms of equipment Coolray furnishes Chinese classmates and not enough in what concedes to the eminent competitors: heated steering wheel, climate control, system of the circular review, virtual tidy, multimediasystem with a 10.25-inch HD screen-resolution, panoramic roof with sunroof. And the main feature — the built-in video recorder (“movie” is recorded with the front camera). Against this background, the absence of the regular navigation and the Protocol Apple CarPlay (or Android Auto can connect via Mirror Link) seems to be an unfortunate misunderstanding.

It is clear that much of the following is included in the top included Flagship Sport. But the basic version of Comfort is not poor. In particular, it announced led running lights.

Our forecast

The list of competitors Korea can be recorded Chery Tiggo 4 and Changan CS35 Plus. But upon closer acquaintance the new Geely can be put on a par with higher-status Creta Hyundai and Kia Seltos.

Photo: Geely

Geely Coolray: first test drive compact crossover

Za rulem tested it on the roads of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. Liked.

Geely Coolray: first test drive compact кроссовераGeely Coolray: first test drive compact crossover

Za rulem tested it on the roads of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. Liked.

Geely Coolray: first test drive compact crossover

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