Geely has shown a new London taxi

The company London Taxi Corporation, owned by Chinese Geely, has unveiled the new car, designed to replace the traditional London cabs.

The novelty, which was called the TX5, is a hybrid version of the classic cab Austin FX4, which was used as a taxi in London since 1958.

The machine design was developed by design Studio Geely in Barcelona. The car received a panoramic roof and led optics. In the vehicle installed digital dashboard.

The vehicle is provided with a hybrid power-plant. In its part of the 1.3-liter Volvo engine with three cylinders. On one electric the car can travel more than 110 kilometers.

The hybrid power plant will fully comply with the new emission standards for taxis, which come into force in the UK in three years.

TX5 has received a six-seater cabin, the Luggage space to the left of the driver and two rows of seats in the passenger compartment, which are arranged to face each other. It also provides access to the person in the wheelchair has a small turning radius for easy maneuvering on the busy streets of London.

Assembly TX5 will be manufactured at the factory in Coventry. The London taxi company will be able to order the car in August of this year. Also, the model will be sold in other countries.

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