General Motors protested the publication of the quarterly report of Tesla sales

Representatives of the American Corporation declared that after the Tesla will go to the quarterlies

Tesla informed not very accurate monthly reports, in their own interest, while as the rest was covered by its sales on a monthly basis. The emergence of the quarterly report of Tesla was considered as a step forward, but this step was not appreciated by other manufacturers.

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After the manufacturer of electric cars has released its sales statistics for the first quarter of this year, General Motors has publicly protested such a move, stating that, henceforth, will also publish quarterly reports and not be wasted in the monthly statistics. Reported by the Detroit News.

“Thirty days is not enough to separate the real sales trends from short-term fluctuations in very dynamic and highly competitive market,” the statement said Kurt McNeil, Vice President of GM sales in the United States. – “Quarterly reporting on sales are better aligned with our business and the quality of information will simplify the work with business.”

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In turn, Michelle Krebs, auto analyst for AutoTrader, said such act of the Corporation: “I think that they can get feedback from those who say that they are not transparent.” But unlike GM and Ford Motor Co. just was more transparent than the rest of the industry, with monthly sales data, she added, reporting metrics, such as average transaction prices, daily and stimulating expenses.

This year, the March sales of cars and trucks was released Tuesday, and became the last monthly report of the automaker. Its first quarterly sales report in the US will be released in July and will be issued separately from the quarterly financial reports for investors.

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However, experts note that still the company will report inventory levels at warehouses, the changes in production and price changes.

GM is the market leader in the United States. His decision to halt monthly reporting on sales may lead to a reassessment among the competitors.

A similar situation occurred with the former Chrysler Corp., when, in late 1990, they decided to publicly refuse to report 10-day sales, a practice developed by GM in the 1920-ies under the guidance of the legendary President Alfred P. Sloane. Then the whole industry followed the guidance of Chrysler.

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