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Geneva-2018: the premiere before the premiere

We live now in a new way — this message sounded at the pre-premiere of the novelties of concern VAG, which took place on the eve of the Geneva motor show.

Traditional Volkswagen Group Night — this, of course, not for the night, and the night that precedes the beginning of the Swiss motor show, when the Germans attract attention, behind the scenes revealing cards before the official premiere. The portfolio of Volkswagen comfortably laid out twelve brands, and most of them are associated with passenger cars — commercial vehicles and motorcycles are usually used for brackets. Therefore, boasting is always something.

The Germans boast, but so that it gets a little tiring. Why? Yes, because we are promised joint mobility, Autonomous technology and an electric future. Electricity — OK, come to terms with it easier, in the end, electric cars can be interesting. But what about the others?

The presentation of the Germans began with the presentation of a passenger van, which will be the basis of service of the MOIA. The bus goes to the electrician and is controlled by the autopilot, although the wheel of the car preserved. The idea is Uber for sharing, and in fact — bus, working through the application. You can tell that in the cabin, covered with laminate floor, feature comfortable seats, USB charging and an Wi-Fi, but all this talk in favor of the poor, who need to get from point A to point B with minimal cost and in compliance with a certain comfort. Bus — and that’s it. Public transport. Why is this show here in Geneva?

The bus with the autopilot on autopilot VWЭлектробус from VW

Exactly what we implement the idea that empty space in the car is a consumer of sin, bestower in addition to inefficiency and even immorality. That the driver extra link in the transport chain, shows another new product called the Volkswagen I. D. Vision: a large and quite spectacular car without a steering wheel and pedals. Looks like the red prototype is impressive not only outside but also inside: stylish armchairs, wooden finish of the place where should be the Central bar, nice carpet with a high pile on the floor. Management bodies have no car at all, but they have passengers (forget about driver): is the mouth. All commands are given to the living human voice. Promises holographic display, but how it will be implemented is still a mystery. About the technical features can not speak, it is enough to remember that the power reserve can reach 650 km. This figure is impressive.

Volkswagen VisionVolkswagen I. D. I. D. Vision

Volkswagen VisionVolkswagen I. D. I. D. Vision

Audi A6 new generation in electric-ecological concept of the night did not fit, therefore, before the premiere night brought the crossover e-tron, but hid it behind a wall with round glasses, one of which I almost the forehead is not broke. It is necessary to warn that the convex Windows! By the way, live e-tron can be found on the street: camouflaged cars rolling on the streets of Geneva. Sorry, sfotkat not have time!

Skoda showed a prototype crossover, slightly more compact than Karoq. The car called the Vision X bright colors (in the spotlight I did not understand, yellow or green) looked quite traditional, except for purely conceptcars decisions of the grille, which glowed with joy. Well, the interior was decorated with an eye to show the essence of the machine: with four individual bucket seats, a pair of electric longbarrow in the trunk and mount for the quadcopter.

Skoda Vision ХSkoda Vision X

Skoda Vision ХSkoda Vision X

But the sweet Vision X curious: is the 1.5-liter turbo engine that can run on both petrol and methane. The drive is full, but without a mechanical connection to the powertrain: it is implemented with the help of the electric motor installed on the rear axle.

Thank God, all-electric Bentley does not yet exist. But partly already there: we are talking about hybrid versions of the Bentayga, which also celebrates its premiere in Geneva. This is the fourth modification of the crossover: aside from the original version with a W12 car is already sold with diesel and petrol V8. The hybrid will be a 6-cylinder based on the 3.0-litre turbo engine. The reserve batteries will be about 50 km.

Supericheskogo Kar Italdesign Zerouno — not news: coupe opremanja a year ago here in Geneva. But now it is the turn open version — and again it could touch on the “volkswagenaudi night.” The machine looks impressive, and the ride got worse — still by the unusual wrapping and hiding filling of the Lamborghini Huracan. They say prices will start from $ 1.8 million. Utter nonsense!

All information about the novelties of the Geneva motor show-2018 — in our special, where you’ll find a list of all the Prime Minister of Geneva.

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