Geneva-2018: Volkswagen has introduced a concept of future electric cars

At the motor show, the German manufacturer revealed the future of their electric models on the prototype I. D. Vizzion

Volkswagen is preparing to connect electricity in brand models just by 2020, while the stand of the Geneva motor show it presented a concept for environmentally friendly fuel is completely devoid of any usual mechanical means for control.

The interior of the concept looks like a mini cinema with a large windshield, conceptual and simple armchairs and a lack of steering and a transmission. It is a round joystick on the armrest, who got the function of stopping the machine and adjusting the volume of the audio system. In the possession of the driver provided by the radars, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, interaction with other road users, monitoring of the infrastructure and the ability to learn. Artificial intelligence in decision Volkswagen reaches perfection and reality by 2025.

Driving with intelligent system I. D. Vizzion is carried out using voice commands and gestures. Appears holographic image that projects all the information onto the windshield using HoloLens technology Microsoft. But the driver must wear special glasses, but by the time implementation of the system the glasses promise to remove.

Volkswagen concept I. D. Vizzion size close to the largest A8. Its length is 163 mm, width – 1 947 mm, height – 1 506 mm and the wheelbase – 3100 mm. quadruple It/, and the Luggage compartment volume of 565 liters. the exterior, though futuristic, but very real. Set matrix lights and diodes accentuate the contours of the body. The LEDs built into the door handles, emblems and bumper. Photochromic glasses have a special coating that allows you to darken them to black.

The nature of that prototype with an electric engine. Front axle set 102-strong unit, and on the back – 204-strong. Total output is 306 HP Under the floor mounted battery 11 kWh, which is enough to 665 km.

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