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German journalist tested the Lada Vesta. And he liked it

Impressions about the new product of AVTOVAZ shared Jens Riedel. In General, he liked the car, with it largely due to the fact that the design was made by Steve Mattin.

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Jens Riedel on shared impressions about Lada Vesta, which he got in the Deluxe package. Earlier, he writes, the Russian models were some inherent backwardness, Vesta also marks a step Lada in the new century, thanks to the former designer of Mercedes and Volvo Steve Mattina, who now heads the design office of AVTOVAZ.

Sedan with a length of 4.41 m with a smoothly descending back looks nice and catchy thanks to the two side podshtampovkami forming like the letter H. it is Curious that this element of the design, many Russian journalists as the times have been critical.

The Germans thought that the wheels are somewhat lost in the big arches, and after 7 thousand kilometers in the interior still hovers the typical smell of new Frets. Otherwise, Vesta bears little resemblance to Russian. Steering wheel adjustable for reach and height, has buttons control, ergonomic and sensitive. Adjustable Central armrest could, perhaps, climb another couple of steps. Cute selector lever of automatic gearbox invites you to “drive” the car by hand. However, the robot German absolutely do not like — he feels that the car Napping while switching as much as when braking. And learning system of the robot could switch up often and readily, otherwise, it appears that all travel at a speed of 30 km/h (the so-called “residential area”) can go in first gear.


Going on the Lada Vesta in Paris: what the French say?

Powerful enough 1.6-liter engine is virtually silent and keeps the rpm but after 3000 rpm it is somewhat annoying, says Jens Riedel. Suspension is customized for Russian conditions, pits and bumps, which, however, gradually become a reality, and Germany. So this car will be relevant for German buyers.

The instruments on the instrument panel rough, but they all clearly and clearly visible. In the cabin is dominated by hard plastic.

Breakthrough for new Frets were not climate control and not Navigator, touchscreen with rear view camera with good resolution and Bluetooth. There is even a heated windscreen, admires German journalist. Apparently, that luxury from the Russian car he did not expect.

Navigator is “raw”, his lyrics evoke a test pilot for a smile — for example, instead of saying “turn left”, it says “keep left”. Especially touched by the journalist, the expression “end of route”.

Price 12 500 Euro for the basic version, plus 1760 euros for the top version, with 5-year warranty, he finds quite attractive for a vehicle of this class. The main disadvantage of Jens Riedel believes that for the rear seat passengers cannot accommodate airbags.

  • The chief designer of AVTOVAZ Steve Mattin has already managed to design not only the sedan, but wagon Lada Vesta and even told our editor in chief about the process of creating a new car that all the problems designers need to solve together with technologists and marketers.
  • Meanwhile, in Izhevsk has issued 100-thousandth car Lada Vesta. According to statistics from the Association of European businesses, Vesta is in fourth place in the ranking of the 25 most popular cars in the Russian market. Only in June were sold 6609 units, which is 29% more than in the same month last year.
  • About what is waiting for Euro news: success or failure, says our author.

German journalist tested the Lada Vesta. And he liked it


(Thank you for your help in creating the material Alexey Vorobyov-Obukhov.)

German journalist tested the Lada Vesta. And he liked it

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