Germany increased its exports of used cars to Ukraine

Aboutthis reports Deutsche Welle with reference to the study of the faculty of applied logistics Institute würzburg-Steinfurt. It is reported that Germans are reluctant to buy used diesel cars because of the scandal in the Volkswagen and bans on their use in several cities in Germany.

So, according to the study, in 2017, the year outside of Germany sold 20.5% more for used diesel cars (240 thousand) than the previous year. Most of the cars went to Italy (22045), Austria (21307) and France (16527).

The greatest increase of exports has been reported in Ukraine (+136%) and Croatia (+89.6%) is. Much less popular second hand diesel cars from Germany are Norway and Switzerland.

In Ukraine sales of used cars hit record. Registered in July 16.5 thousand cars, the share of the former in operation is 9.8 thousand pieces. The most popular brand was Volkswagen, the second is Renault, and camnula the three leaders of the Skoda.

July sales of new cars in the lead Renault and Kia Sorento

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