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Girls in bikinis got in an accident. And the first thing began to get dressed

In Australia it’s the middle of spring, and the girls can’t wait to remove the “extra” clothes and bask in the sun. Some half-naked even ride in cars.

The DVR captured the incident occurred near the town of Picton, located in the South-West of Sydney. The record shows, as in T-junction with the side road on a green light leaves the Honda sedan Accord and his right side drives a Toyota Corolla. The blow was not very strong, but enough, in both cars the airbag has deployed. After the collision the Toyota was sitting in the front passenger seat the girl ran and the car. From the clothes she was wearing only a swimsuit. The young lady, apparently ashamed to appear in public (and before the police) in such intimate attire, and ran off to the sidelines to wear a skirt.

On the backseat of a Toyota sat another half-naked girl, she was wearing shorts before you get out of the car.

As a result of accident nobody suffered, but the rest of the girls were definitely spoiled, and they became interested in something, sang the chorus and did not notice that go to red.

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Video: YouTube

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