Give me two! Limo service for Ukrainian President

AboutDean a limo cost the Ukrainian Treasury of approximately 750 thousand dollars. However, the S 600 Guard is considered a “civilian” car – usually the heads of States takes a more expensive version of the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard for half a million euros.

Both vehicles are black and equipped with system emergency alarm, fresh air supply, as well as led lamps, refrigerators, and other options. Armored S-class meets the protection level VR9 civil European standard BRV 2009, that is, sesamiae occupants from armor-piercing bullets weapons under European cartridge 7,62×51 mm. in addition, Mercedes will stand the shot armor-piercing bullet from a sniper rifle SVD (with the cartridge 7,62x54r mm).

In Odessa found a Royal limousine of Leonid Kuchma, in Kiev sell Hummer Schwarzenegger

Custom wheels, Michelin PAX allow to continue the movement after the breakout with a speed of 80 km/h. All aluminum suspension components replaced with steel, air springs — more powerful, and in addition set rear springs and additional stabilizer. In addition, the armored car got the other brakes.

Curb weight S 600 Guard — 4.3 tonnes. The model is equipped with six-liter Biturbo V12 with a capacity of 530 HP To the first “hundred” armored limousine accelerates in 6.2 seconds (1.6 sec slower the usual “six hundredth”).

In Ukraine the machine has not yet arrived – it is expected that they will be delivered before the end of this year.

Donald trump got a new limo

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