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Grandfather — fire! Gave themselves 100 years… electric!

The relatives joke that in 100 years the head of the family decided to “get off”. He explains the decision by saying that more responsible now related to the environment.Elena Alekseeva


Sechin sees no future in electric cars

Louis Moreau lives in the South of France, and when he turned 100 years old, he purchased his first electric car — Renault ZOE. Retired not only wants to master modern technologies, but also to help the environment.

Louis Moreau even a lifetime love of technical innovations. So, his family was one of the first in town who has a washing machine. And despite his advanced age, the interest in learning the pensioner had not dried up.

“The main thing for me was the concern for the environment. Especially worried about the future of my ten grandchildren who are 11 to 25 years,” explains the pensioner, who lives North of Toulouse.

The fact that the choice fell on ZOE, was no coincidence, his first car was a Renault. Since 4СV in the early 50’s, this fan Renault has traveled to six R5, R12 and several two Clio.

Driving he never had, and since he lives in a rural area, and the nearest store is three kilometers, the car is vitally important for him, so in the family car was always. And now, nine days after his 100th birthday, former industrial designer went to buy the first electric car.

Since ZOE used used daily. In addition to the usual shopping trips active pensioner visits her old friend, who lives six miles from his home. He charges the car at home, and says that doing it on a Saturday night, when this reserve electricity is enough for a week.

Especially in this story shocking that Louis Moreau in 100 years, still driving, active and open to anything new! I wonder what cars we can afford to give for the 100th anniversary?

  • Another active retired created a camper with a giant walk-in shower. However, his strength a little more — until he is 100 years old.


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