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Grandma got distracted: three year old granddaughter one left on the bus

In Kaliningrad, the police brought the parents of 3-year-old daughter, removing her from one of the bus routes. A lost child behaved remarkably well, while parents lost their legs, searching for the child.Marina Govorova


The interior Ministry wants to check the buses on the roads

In Kaliningrad the police received a report that at the bus stop on Leninsky prospect near the trestle bridge in the city centre, the child was gone.

Grandma, telling about the missing girls, said that together with his granddaughter waiting for the bus. And then to the bus stop approached the transport, which they didn’t have to sit down. But the girl took this bus as his and dropped into the salon. Grandmother at this time was distracted and didn’t notice that the girl climbed the stairs. The old lady woke up quite late — when the doors closed and the bus departed from the stop. The older woman didn’t even remember his number.

“The police have watched surveillance video system “Safe city”, in which bus village girl, traced the route and found that it never came out. At one of the stops the child was taken from the bus, was taken to the guard-house and told the grandmother and mother that they can pick up a girl”, — told in the regional Department of internal Affairs.

The Ministry of internal Affairs noted that while the child was in transport, the bus managed to drive to the village named Kosmodemyanskoy in the suburbs of Kaliningrad, the journey girls took about 2 hours.

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