Guards will patrol the border on armored vehicles Triton

The Border guard was shown how to work the new system of intellectual protection of the border, on the example of the new complex “Topol”, which was launched into operation on June 24. Now the border guards there is no need to run along the border with dogs. The whole situation is seen on the monitor.

In case of detection of the offenders, to arrest the dress of frontier guards on the armored car “Triton”. As noted in Parganlija, now protection boundary as follows. The first level is a fence of barbed wire and anti-tank ditch. Along the perimeter there are rakata the road is designed for maneuvering the crew of the border service, as well as control strips. Monitoring of border guards are using surveillance cameras installed in the towers, including thermal imager.

Such systems of protection of border will be equipped in the Sumy, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions. All these purpose are budgeted 4 billion. But the construction of such protected areas plan seversiti until 2020.

As previously reported by our source, the armored vehicle “Triton”, was developed at the Kiev plant “Lenin’s smithy” and was originally planned as an armored combat vehicles amphibious. But the Border guards were represented only by land modification. According to its characteristics, BBM “Triton” refers to the class of light armored vehicles. ,br>

The machine has the reservation corresponds to the second level of STANAG 4569. “Triton” is able to protect the crew in undermining anti-tank mines up to 6 kg of explosives. For effective monitoring of the situation on the border machine equipped with complex ground reconnaissance, in particular radar and thermal imaging unit. “Triton” can carry up to 4 people dress in remote areas where they can offline to serve up to 7 nights. This armored vehicle equipped with a diesel generator, independent heating and air conditioning system. For data transmission to Triton has a satellite system.

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