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Hard what is your suspension! The elephant lay down on the car

It happened in a national Park Khao Yai national Park in Thailand.Elena Alekseeva

Guide Safari parks always warns visitors that you need to observe some simple safety standards, in particular, not to lean out of the window, do not abruptly start and not to stall and not stay in one place too long — it can scare or confuse wild animals. In the incident in the national Safari Park of Khao Yai, of course, are guilty of careless car driver.

The car some time stood on the way, apparently the driver was trying to remove, and she was approached by a curious elephant. He for some time tried to understand what was in front of him, then stepped through the machine, and then decided to lie down on it. And intentions he had the most friendly. Everything is filmed with horror commented out of the car, moving towards, the driver had to stop pending the resolution of this situation.

The driver of the attacked car drove slowly forward, away from the elephant. It is unclear how many people were in the car, but fortunately no one was hurt. The video that for car the welcome of the elephant was not in vain: his rear window was broken, also damaged the roof and the body.

The Park staff noted that the 35-year-old Duaa in a transitional period between the wet and cold seasons always goes out on the road to “welcome” tourists. They advise drivers to stop their cars at a distance of 30 meters from coming out of the thicket, the elephant, to keep the engine on and move back, if the animal is approaching, because his intentions are never known. Well in this case.

  • In General, elephants are very interested in cars. It is important not to get angry, and then they can “restore order” on the road.

Video: YouTube

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