Harley-Davidson runs from the US

Withall recently, the US President imposed safeguard duties on imports of steel and aluminum in the amount of 25 percent and 10 percent, respectively. In response, the European Union from 22 June to raise tariffs on some American goods, including motorcycles.

Thus, Harley-Davidson received a double blow from the fierce trade war, as a metal importer and exporter of its products abroad. The EU market is the second largest for the brand, it sells about 40 thousand motorcycles a year. According to the company, the duty on imports of American-made motorcycles in the European Union after the introduction of new rates jumped from 6% to 31%, which adds to the cost of each motorcycle is about $2,2 thousand

In these circumstances, one of the symbols of America announced a partial withdrawal from the United States and the transfer of production of motorcycles in factories in India, Brazil and Thailand. It will take 9 to 18 months.

“Surprised that Harley Davidson was the first who threw the white flag. I fought with all my strength”

Donald trump, who recently called Harley-Davidson “a symbol of the new spirit of America,” a serious offense stated that the bikes must be manufactured in the US and predicted Marche “beginning of the end”.

Trump would leave Americans without the luxury of Mercedes, Audi and BMW

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