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Harsh confrontation: In Ternopil owners EuroBLECH defended the police have an expensive car

About 30 people of a sports Constitution has faced in a clash with police 20, not allowing to take away a friend’s car on a shtrafploshchadka

Members of the Executive service seized the vehicle, but they were prevented by friends of the owner of the car, blocking the passage of cars on avtonomera. The police had to call for backup, reports

About 10 cars with European registration blocked the patrol car and standing next to the Infiniti SUV, which by law had to be transported. It was a record.

But the blocking of the entrances and exits of young guys not allowed to take the car. And the next day the car continued to remain in place, despite the departure of friends of the owner.

As reported in the press service of the Prosecutor of Ternopil region “mediator”, on the site really worked the operational group and had to withdraw from the owner of the Infiniti QX80.

We will remind that the government plans to give police permission to test the vehicles with European registration for the legality of stay in Ukraine.

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