He arrived in Ukraine is the cheapest car in the world

Withstrictly speaking, despite the external similarity with the car, Bajaj Qute is a quadricycle, ie four-wheel motorcycle with cabin. And on the website of the importer “BAJAJ Ukraine” it goes in the directory motorcycles.

That does not detract from its merits – ultra compact (2752х1312х1650 mm) and efficiency. Bajaj Qute is equipped with a single cylinder (but four-stroke!) a motor with a volume of 217 cubic inches, developing a 9.7 horsepower and 19.6 Nm of torque. Paired with a five-speed sequential gearbox 400-kg car can accelerate to 70 km/h, while consuming about 2.7 liters of gasoline per hundred.

In addition to four-seater cabin is present and 44-litre boot, which can significantly increase the folding of the rear seats. As for security, the basis for the design of the body is a steel monocoque, and electrical and brake system – the production of the famous company Bosch.

As reported by the Ukrainian representative office of the company, Bajaj Qute already being certified will then be displayed in the dealer network and is expected to cost at least 4 thousand dollars. There is only one question: why was discontinued domestic brand, which is at a lower cost was a full car?

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