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Hearing screening: November 1 — only winter tyres

They say that under the new rules from November 1, 2019, all vehicles in Russia should be on winter tires and electronic vehicle registration. Checked — true!Alexander Khlynov


Electronic title: check to see if he needs you

There were rumors that from 1 November, or, according to another version, from November 11 this year, the car should be re-equipped with winter tyres mandatory. This information is incorrect — such requirements in the rules of the road no.

From December 2018 no changes in traffic regulations, except those provided for by the RF Government decree of 4 December 2018 No. 1478, have been made. Latest on tyres introduced in 2017, and the topic of winter tires was up in 2013.

There are no new requirements for winter tyres and in the Technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of wheeled vehicles”. Therefore, the law demands, to when motorists need to change summer tires for winter, not changed, except for the increase in the minimum allowable tread depth, which shall be not less than 4 mm.

Began to spread in the Network and a horror story about that from November 1, 2019, all vehicles must have electronic passports of vehicles, because paper versions are repealed. This information is also incorrect — issued paper title will remain in circulation until, until decommissioned last received the document car.

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Photo: Steve Long / Unsplash

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