High-altitude crash test: remember truck drivers

The company to create slow-motion clips posted a video with the ripping of the roof of trucks failure to observe the height of the passage under overpasses and flyovers.

The company Slo Mo Guys is a separate resource that does time-lapse demonstration videos. In their portfolios completely different situation, taken through high-frequency equipment, Vision Research Phantom, capable of delivering more than 343 000 frames per second. And here they showed what happens to trucks when drivers forget about the height of the bridge.

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For filming has been recreated realistic installation of bridges and installed several cameras to see how the process of removing the top of the trucks. In the slowed down shots, the situation sounds terrifying. But in fact destruction a lot more than you might think.

Cargo hold most modern medium – and small-sized transport built on the principle of easy and robust construction of aluminium and plywood. In this case, they just detached from the vehicle. Much more difficult the situation will be with our old ZIL or Gases with the steel construction of the body, is rigidly fastened to the frame.

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In any case this video is intended to make drivers of high transport not to forget about the danger. The average height of the passage is about 5 metres, but there are limitations to 3.5 m or even 2.2 m. In front of the entrances to bridges, overpasses or tunnels there are signs of restriction of travel, are not simply warned but are categorically forbidden to pass without gaps. Although it is recognized that the limit signs indicated a round number and for security purposes to utility lines height leave distance of 20-40 cm more marked, and for bridges, viaducts and overpasses – 30-40 cm

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