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Highlight the bottom of the car. It is necessary to execute? the response of the traffic police

The reader “Behind the wheel” meets the head of the state traffic Inspectorate Mikhail Chernikov.“Behind the wheel”

Plan to install the lights bottoms on the Toyota. They say that now it is necessary to make changes to the design. Do not lie?

Andy, Moscow

The question the reader meets the head of the Main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the Lieutenant of police Mikhail Chernikov.

Don’t lie. In accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of wheeled vehicles” (Appendix 9), to changes in the structure of the vehicle refers, among other things, replacement (installation) of lighting and light-signalling or changes to their design, including the reclassification of light sources in the headlights.

When installed on a vehicle not provided for in the design of lighting and light-signalling and re-design of the headlights (changing the class of the light source in them) must be executed (including the vehicle category) requirements of UN Rules Nos. 48, 53, 74, of paragraph 1 of Annex No. 3 to this technical regulations.

You will also need documentation of the improvements in accordance with the Rules for making changes in the design of operating wheeled vehicles and the follow-up to verify compliance with the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of wheeled vehicles”, approved by Government decision of 6 April 2019 No. 413.

  • As the editorial “Behind the wheel” legalized “the farm” xenon on the Lada Grant, that is described here.

Photo: “Behind the wheel”

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