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Highlights: obojetnie who punished themselves

In our compilation of the most funny scenes from the Russian verge, shot on car DVR.

Few people think to build the queue to the cashier in the supermarket. The maximum that can make very prompt characters is to ask them to skip forward, because “they need to punch only one subject, and you — two and a half truck”. However, on the road — where people are “cut off” from each other closed Windows and locked doors of your car — standing in line (a tube — this is the place) suddenly takes a different turn. Our today’s collection proves the God of the SDA still exists.

Ideally, everything should happen just like in this video. Left on the sidelines, you’ve got to be punished. Only the certainty of punishment may affect potential offenders. Sorry, crew of traffic police was not enough. And it is good that there are caring citizens and, of course, a higher power. Look no further — and certainly will know what I mean.

The driver of the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up has decided to “hold” the road in order not to aggravate the traffic. From the point of view of the SDA is not the correct method, but — as practice shows — very effective. The trouble is that in such situations, almost always there is someone who wants to understand. And rarely “objecti” get the same unexpected and compelling answer, as in this story.

The laws of physics — not the SDA. To hell with them will be more expensive. Especially if a high driver short wheelbase jeep and curved hands. See how gracefully “vidilica” tie this Gelendvagen. And don’t ever do that. Well, nobody, except the perpetrator of the accident, was injured.

One can endlessly look at how water flows, how fire burns and how it is broken the car obojetnie. Directly the apotheosis of karmic justice and refined celebration. Except that the pointer in this video I am sorry.

Here’s another similar story. However, this was done without overt damage to traffic property (a few scratches on the bump doesn’t count). By the way, this accident could have been avoided, not rezgui driver Solaris turn signals. But to include them, obviously, is not cool. How to stand in line.

Negative to obojetnie experienced by many, but to provoke the accident, usually no one wants. That trucker from this plot is banal did not notice the Citroen C5, rushed to attack the shoulder and played in Sebastian Loeb. Note the sure sign of a fool — tinted lights. And stay away from such characters away.

And do not think that riding on the shoulder is a harmless time-saving. The number of deaths in such accidents every year in the hundreds. And that’s just in our country. So don’t drive on the roadside in order to avoid a traffic jam.

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