Honda Civic Type R of new generation prepared to race

Italian company JAS Motorsport has introduced a sports version of the new “charged” hatchback Civic Type R.

The Italians noted that the new product is suitable for short runs of a series of TCR and long marathons, held under the auspices of the VLN.

From road version of the hot hatch novelty is the aggressive aerodynamic body kit, consisting of a large front splitter, fender flares, other thresholds, and the rear wing. In addition, the hatchback received an additional air vent on the hood.
The model is also equipped with a safety cage and a new engine control unit, but the output of the motor in the company not named. Regulations of the TCR, on cars of this series can be used only four-cylinder turbo engine displacement of 1750 to 2000 cubic centimeters.

Honda Civic Type R that will participate in endurance races, will be equipped with additional lighting, cooling system, cockpit, and anti-lock brake system.
Deliveries of cars to customers will begin on December 15. The first batch of 25 cars will take part in the competition in the 2018 season. The cost of racing hot hatch in the JAS Motorsport is not called.

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