Honda CR-V: the Guardian of the Galaxy

Pohozhe, Honda engineers carefully monitored so that their car wouldn’t start obscure user “alien”. A kind of antithesis of the British and French schools of motoring, if you want. Their representatives have all the walls hiding at the hands of the traditional key drivers and levers, offering instead to slide your finger across the screen. Some like it, and even fingers so familiar: that of a button on our phones has long drawn…
Designers body Honda the courage not to take a look at those lights. The tailgate the CR-V the fifth generation received the drive.

But Honda engineers apparently don’t believe in this crap. With a zeal worthy of a true samurai, they keep their cars from a mass invasion of digital “alien” and turning into gadgets on wheels. However, though with diligence, but without fanaticism.

A reasonable figure

Digital dashboard? Yes. Animation, as in computer games? Oh no! The Central touch-screen display? Well, of course. The need to poke a finger at him at the slightest provocation? Thank you!

No, seriously. Somehow, I’m sure that the Honda engineer, he Obagi user to include, say, a heated steering wheel in the menu on the center display, will be immediately dismissed. Though it is not accepted in Japanese companies. There is one firm working for a long time, almost half my life, but strata means strata.

It seems that the CR-V and the fourth and fifth generation developed by the same people. And they certainly want to develop the sixth generation of the crossover. Because didn’t fail, and the heated steering wheel button is placed very correctly. Where it is most convenient to click – on the wheel.

Stylish interior, good ergonomics, and just insert a plastic “wood” is here clearly out of place.

With one of his keys, by the way, happened the greatest technological revolution in the entire generation, and it is the volume button of the audio system. And not even a key at all, and sensitive to running around on her finger. To drive them much easier and more convenient than to twist or push.

Everything else is just evolution. Yes, to replace the great big semi-circle speedometer CR-V last generation expected was a large white figure – it now displays your current speed. Almost half of all the pixels in the lower part of the instrument captured on-Board computer, able to display much instantaneous torque distribution between the axles. However, this picture quickly tire of: it turns out that at the start of the Honda CR-V all-wheel drive always, and when driving on asphalt – almost front-wheel drive. And also always.

Hush will

Crowning all this digital splendor of the running strip of the tachometer, which instantly confirmed what I immediately began to guess: it is the normal acceleration on the test CR-V can be obtained, without twisting the motor above 2 thousand rpm. by the Way, it is the same as for the previous CR-V 2.4 l, 186 PS, Only the acceleration in 10.3 seconds to hundreds – it is so-so by today’s standards. Well, fans of the drive waiting for a-liter turbo – they say he is coming to us under the hood of not only Civic, but also CR-V. Although the flow rate of the current 2.4-liter aspirated very good, easy to fit 11.5 liters in the city. Although not mechanic works in tandem with the engine and the CVT.

All-wheel drive system has not changed, but the ground clearance has increased from 165 to 208 mm – now it can be a little bolder to get away from the asphalt.

Honda itself is developing its CVT and it has a plus and a minus. Yes, the CVT CR-V is able to live in perfect harmony with the engine, especially in sport mode. As pressed – and went, all very linear and quite predictable.

And in drive nothing, but only with a quiet ride, until you press the gas pedal to the floor. In this case, instead of the kick-down – the feeling of squashed chewing gum, and the plaintive song of the motor at the same rpm. But the CVTs competitors already simulate the operation of the machine, saving the ears of the riders from wilting.

To adjust the volume of the audio system easy the movement of your finger on the ribbed area is very convenient. By the way, she says, even on his finger in leather gloveDigital dashboard: all the merits, and no distracting animations. The lower part of the screen is reserved for the data of the onboard computerto Go into the Central display, it is necessary only for more information or settings that change only once a year. And its main purpose – multiimediaFront seats are solid, soft and comfortable compares favorably to hard “seats” some of the German competitorsoffering rear passengers two air inlet and the same USB ports for charging gadgetsPassengers of average height in the second row is comfortable, and heated seats they can turn and tilt to adjustthe Rear seats easily fold to form a flat floor – it is only necessary to pull the handle on the walls of the trunk

If I don’t push, the crossover may spoil the silence. At least at city speeds, since the crackdown for “weave” are starting to sing along with the side mirrors. But the suspension CR-V great without any reservations. One of the most comfortable crossovers in the class, if not the most comfortable.

On the one hand

Conservatives are not the people that always choose the “Breakfast tourist”, and those who used to ask the logical question: “do I need it?”, looking at any new thing. But I’m afraid even this close to them in spirit to the public the Honda engineers will not be easy to justify why CR-V has not acquired a system of the circular review and monitoring of blind zones, which are already being offered by competitors, including Japanese.

Instead, Honda CR-V offers rear view camera with adjustable viewing angle, as well as the LaneWatch system that displays on the Central display a picture from a camera hidden in the right-hand side rearview mirror. A half-hearted solution, as observed thus possible only at the right side of the machine. And look have to tear from the road, which is not Gud. Once LaneWatch was a real discovery, but since then has flowed away a lot of water, and the time showed light control of a blind spot in the mirror is much more simple and convenient solution.

Pendant CR-V great without reservation: one of the most comfortable crossovers in the class. And American comfortable chairs will not leave you indifferent.

But a spherical mirror built into the lid of the case on the ceiling and allow the driver to observe the children on the second row is a masterpiece. This hymn of practicality, which many competitors do not hurry to fulfill. Apparently, looking for an opportunity to digitize and the chip – selecting, for example, a video surveillance system in the cabin (by the way, is not an idea?).

But until that happens, a small mirror under the ceiling of the Honda CR-V is able to get rid of a great disaster – for example, will help you to stop your young artists before they’ve finished drawing with a marker on a beautiful light skin of the rear seats. And maybe even before you begin.

We thank the company “pride Motor” provided for a test car.


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