Honda will launch a series of unusual electric car

The unusual concept of Japanese brand to be launched in serial production in 2019

First prototype of the electric vehicle EV Urban Concept spoke in Frankfurt last year. In Geneva, the company brought almost pre-production version of the concept car and announced that orders can be issued in 2019. At the same time and will present the final production version.

The company is positioning the original retro design of the electric vehicle as a more fresh appearance of cars on the streets. The concept of losing one’s futuristic and will have a more thick and durable roof, standard rear view mirrors, because the law and the clients themselves are not ready yet to have a car with cameras instead of the usual means of review.

The insides of the concept will save a great screen, but you will lose low seat giving preference to traditional planting and headrests.

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Due to its compact size, the electric car is not likely to reach the markets of Canada and America. Urban EV 99 mm shorter than today’s Honda Fit hatchback, the most compact model in the lineup. But it will be the first electric car company and sales of its focus on Europe.

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