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How and where to store the tyres — whether you are doing the right thing?

Understand how to keep the tires on the wheels without them in the offseason, check the so-called “tyre hotels”.

Change to cold weather? Great! But how and where now to store tires so they last a long time? Few people know, but these questions are answered by our domestic GOST Р54266–2010 “pneumatic Tires. Packing, transportation and storage.”

The main of this GOST: tires must be kept at least a meter away from heating devices. In this case, storage of tires allowed in a wide range of temperatures: it can be as temperatures of up to minus 30 °C and heat to 35 °C. When stored tubeless tire (and such and sell the vast majority) needs to be ensured, eliminating the deformation of the sides and side walls.

It’s all good in theory, but in practice?

How to store tyres without disks

Strictly follow each letter of the GOST unrealistic. If the only place to store the tires for you is a balcony or a garage, and to pay for seasonal storage is not desirable, then on the balcony of the tyre and will wait for their hour. Tires can be stored on outdoor balcony, as you can see from GOST, even the bitter cold the summer tires are not terrible.

But remember: the main enemy of rubber — ultraviolet. Over time, it changes the structure of the rubber, reduces its elasticity and leads to cracking. Because the sun bus to leave is not desirable. You need to keep the tires from precipitation — rain and snow. For example, cover them with a piece of waterproof fabric.

You can buy special covers for the tires (they cost about 2000 rubles) or packages (about 100 rubles). Of course, before you pack the tire covers, tires would be good to wash, so as not to keep dirty. Dirt accelerates the aging of rubber, so clean — the guarantee of durability. Especially in the cleaning process of the protector can be remove stones, screws, studs, and other foreign objects. The inspection will allow you to see hernia, deep cuts and other damage to the frame.

Tires without disc is absolutely impossible to hang. This will lead to their deformation and, therefore, poor sealing on the drive afterwards. That is, the wheel will podtrunivali. Look at the picture: here’s how to keep the tire and wheel Assembly.

How to store the tire and wheel Assembly.How to store the tire and wheel Assembly.

Tires without disks should be stored standing up.Tires without disks should be stored standing up.

Wheel Assembly can be folded into a stack.Wheel Assembly can be folded into a stack.

How to store wheel Assembly

A great way to store wheels is to hang them in the garage.A great way to store wheels is to hang them in the garage.

To suspend the wheel in a country barn or garage. In this case, the main burden will fall on the disc, which will prevent deformation of rubber.

The tire bags and plastic bags are relevant in this case. I can only add that they must be left ajar. In tightly closed guard collects the condensate, leading to corrosion of stamped disks.

What is the tyre hotel

The role of the bus of the hotel often performs a traditional hangar with shelves.The role of the bus of the hotel often performs a traditional hangar with shelves.

Wheels can be taken and deposited in the tire center. This service is called “seasonal storage of rubber”. The cost of the kit storage for seven months, ranging from 1700 to 3500 rubles depending on size. For example, for a set of 13-inch tires will ask for 1700 rubles, and for a 22-inch — already 2600 rubles.

As a rule, servicemen no matter what you give for safekeeping — only tire or wheel Assembly, as you pay for place. But some may ask for 500 rubles from the top for storage it wheels. Although this is rare.

Where was saving the tires, not necessarily to do the tire, but as a rule, your customers, service men, always make a discount, ten percent.

The essence of the hotel is not the tire to blow off the wheels with dust, and that the client has not thought what to do with a seasonal kit and is not in a hurry to clean up the trash on the balcony (well, when the balcony any) to attach to a set of wheels. After all, if the apartment is small, a garage and no garden, the seasonal storage of shoes becomes a problem. In this case it makes sense to attach it on the side.

How and where to store the tyres — whether you are doing the right thing?How and where to store the tyres — whether you are doing the right thing?Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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