How old are the wipers?

Dvernici is necessary for all and always. Manufacturers from time to time declare any innovation, changing the frame structure is frameless or a hybrid, but the essence remains the same: clean glass brush on leashes.

Which one is better? We decided to carry out durability tests, which ensure the wear of brushes, equivalent to wear under the average annual mileage of the car. The tests involved fifteen teams of wiper sizes 500-510 mm.

As experienced and did

So, we have three brushes each model. First, the so – called reference. She is not involved in the trials, and will serve as “stove” in the outcome compared to the other two tested brushes. The second is sent to work for wear. The janitor installed on the stand, representing the windshield frame (glued glass, of course!) with the drive, wiper and washer system. Periodically the expert group monitors the progress of the tests, fixing the split (the work jerks) janitors and cleaning quality. Half the time the janitor goes on the driver’s side, half on passenger. At 125 hours each. In addition, the method is supposed to drive the brushes in the real conditions on the car in the rain. This test is not as long as the stand is just half an hour on the driver’s and passenger sides.

The third brush from each set went to the climate chamber. There she was tortured at a temperature of 60 °C and -45 °C. Each test lasted 96 hours. Another 100 hours on brushes exposed to UV radiation. Note that some janitors is an indicator of aging – the circle of dark color. If he turned yellow – time to change due to aging of the rubber under the action of ultraviolet light.

In the end, all three brushes are so-called “dry” phase of testing. The glass of the experimental car covered with a special polluter on the basis of the Cretaceous, after which it alternately chased all the wipers, every one of the fresh coating. Left wipers lanes and nephrocystin areas assess the quality of cleaning.

Now about grades. In trials of every kind caretaker to a maximum of 10 points. At all stages of testing for any “mistake” we subtracted from the initial 10 points by half a point. The “failures” of each product are listed in the photo gallery.

What to buy?

After a stay in a climatic chamber no sign of cracking or violations of coating samples and the plaque we found. Absolute champion for the total score was frameless Valeo UM-650. Last place went to Trico NeoForm NF-500 is also frameless. It turns out that the design does not guarantee success.

And if you only evaluate performance? Then the leaders goes hybrid Trico Fit HF500. The outsider has not changed is re Trico NeoForm NF-500, unframed. It turns out that the brand does not guarantee success.

Now view taking into account the ratio of price and quality. Leaders go simple frame brushes – Fenox Max Vision and Bosch Eco 50C. So what brushes to buy? In our view, it makes sense to frequently change the wipers. Simple frame construction if you lose, it is only in appearance. However, they don’t look that much worse, as are cheaper.

What the janitor would we? Perhaps this is the HF500 Fit Trico and Bosch Eco 50C. The first good aggregate performance: hybrid design better than the others survived our marathon. The timber Bosch is captivating not only a great name, but a balance of quality and price.


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