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How to brake in icy conditions: 3 harmful of the Council and one useful

To brake properly with the stock. The rest depends on the car and your driving skills.Ilya Pimenov “Behind the wheel”

If your car is equipped with ABS (and today to find a car without this system pretty hard), electronics will perform the work. The system was created precisely in order to ensure safe braking. The most effective braking is on the verge of blocking wheels. And this system is the fact that it rapidly increases and reduces the pressure in the brake lines, spreading and clamping pads. When it will come into operation, you will see the rapid beating of pedals and a characteristic crunch. Your task is only to hold the steering wheel and press on the brake pedal. And reap the soul, as they say, get all the weight. This is not required if the vehicle is equipped with a Brake Assist system — electronics compensates for insufficient pedal during emergency braking.

ABS not only allows you to brake in a straight line, but also to maneuver. So if you have the opportunity to avoid a collision on the sidelines or in the next number, the car itself will do it. The main thing is to make sure that you do not cause this maneuver more damage, and not to twist the wheel too much in order to lose control of the car. If along the road there is a snow parapet, the machine can be send to him, if only in the snow not of metal and concrete constructions, and behind the parapet — gutter. Otherwise the consequences unpredictable.

Bad advice

  1. Or rather, outdated. Driving in old textbooks you can find advice to simulate ABS quick tap of the brake pedal. But, first, no one is able to press-release the brake pedal with a frequency of 20 times per second, and secondly, this skill needs to be exercised regularly, otherwise in an emergency you can only harm by increasing the stopping distance.

  2. Also, Dating advice for vehicles with manual transmission to brake first engine and consistently switch “down” until the first transmission. But during emergency braking this technique is hardly applicable.

  3. To use on a slippery road the handbrake (Parking brake) is impossible: the rear wheels locked, the car will slide, and if a small error in steering will go sideways.

How are you going to brake?

The best advice is to slow down with the stock. Keep your distance and remember that the road is slippery. To determine how slippery is quite simple: you need only a couple of times to be put on hold on an empty stretch of road with different speed and memorize the feeling. Remember that in some cases (on rough roads, for example), the same ABS is not to shorten the braking distance, but rather to increase it. Extra to disable the system, you can not. So carefully monitor the situation on the road and not in a hurry.

PS: the Fact that the car must be roadworthy brakes and good tires (not worn, and according to the season), needless to say.

  • Going out of town, put it in the trunk of a means of improving permeability. Bracelets, chains, trucks — all of which can be extremely useful and help in a difficult situation.

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