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How to quickly warm up the interior — of the error of each driver

The first few minutes in the frozen nights with the car is the most unpleasant. Recommend how to reduce their number to a minimum.

Some motorists include the heater fan on high, barely running engine. What they expect when a strong cold behind and cool the antifreeze in the cooling system the machine is unclear. The air, of course, will not be as cold as outside, but warm just fail. Yes, and the engine will warm up slower because the nuggets just akkumuliruemogo heat will be immediately spent on warming up the air in the cabin. To direct the flow to the windscreen at maximum speed the fan should not be too: ice will begin to move a few seconds earlier, but when the ducts will really warm the air, the glass can not stand and crack because of too large differences in temperature inside and outside the car. To avoid this, the glass should be warm not locally but uniformly, with the air in the cabin.

It is wiser not to turn off the fan or leave it at minimum speed. As the heating speed can be increased. Oh, don’t get high, as soon as the temperature gauge come off the bottom of the division, and the car will stand still on the spot or have to push in the tube: the indicator will be right back to the original position. And managing the air temperature won’t work: even when unscrewed to the limit of the red portion of the handle, the system will issue the appropriate stream, just as it should progresses.

On many modern cars with cold engines dogrelated salon. Without them in the winter in a slow city traffic the heat can not wait at all. If your vehicle has this system, then a warming flow out of the vents will flow almost immediately. In this case, the procedures described in the two paragraphs above, it is possible to forget.

The easiest way to holders climate control. Adequately configured system if auto mode, she will understand how to act. Usually right after starting it runs at a low speed, then gaining strength, sending a little progressice air on the windshield, and then, after reaching a comfortable temperature, open flow in the legs.

And in any case would be more efficient to start moving, giving the car a few minutes to warm up at idle. During the movement, faster warm up and the engine and the passenger compartment.


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