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How to read the labels of the headlights?

The reader “Behind the wheel” could not understand the markings, the lights on his car and asked for help. Our experts are always ready to help, and the Council will be beneficial to any car owner.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert


On the headlight housing there is a sticker with the notation HC HR H7 PY21W W5W. To the right of that sticker on the headlight housing include markers HR DC. Article headlight 1EL 010 335-12. Dopuskaetsya installed gas discharge lamp in that headlight? Article and signs can’t identify. Headlight washer system installed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Andrew (Schelkovo)

Alexey Revin — expert “Behind the wheel”:

Currently, vehicles are the headlights only the following approved types:

  • With — low beam, R — beam, CR — dual-mode light (low beam and high) with incandescent lamps;
  • HC — dazzle, HR — high beam, HСR — dual-mode light with bulb halogen type;
  • DC — beam DR — beam, DСR — dual-mode light with gas discharge lamps (xenon).

International labeling headlight looks like this:

  • C — passing light;
  • R — beam;
  • H — halogen headlights
  • HCR — low beam and high beam with halogen bulb;
  • DC — low beam xenon;
  • DCR — far and near light xenon.

In your case one inscription contradicts the other. The inscription HC HR H7 PY21W W5W says that both the middle and high beam in the headlight is provided with two identical bulbs H7. The inscription also HR DC says that the dipped beam is xenon.

To solve the problem is very simple. Enough to remove the cover of the dim lights to see which light source is in the spotlight. If uses a halogen H7, it means that the xenon bulb cannot be installed. Manufacturers specifically agreed to lamps of different types have different seats. Of course, if we are not talking about Chinese noname-products: among them could see anything.

By the way, the presence of a washer is not a sufficient condition for installation of xenon lamps. Must be auto-leveling direction of the light beam of the headlights. It is this setting that on the road the traffic police like to check. It is simple: when you enable a true xenon headlight light beam needs to move up and down and then settle down. If it does not, spell check is not available or it is faulty.

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