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How to throw buyers: the fine print in the contract

Buying a car on credit, read all the lines in the contract twice. And best of three.Elena Starikova

With authorized dealers to deal easier than with middlemen, because they fear reputational costs and try to keep up. This is especially important in conditions of crisis and falling sales, when clients are being hunted.

A kind of “outlet” for ‘ officials are still car loan program. In this case, the buyer can impose a variety of additional services ranging from life insurance, health and all of the property buyer and ending with the services of partner companies, membership in “clubs” paid “support on the road” — the list goes on.

In addition, the real interest rate under the credit agreement may be significantly higher than what you originally voiced by the managers of the cabin. All because an inexperienced person is very difficult to understand exactly how debt will be repaid and what, in the first place, will his payments to repay the interest or loan.

A Wake-up call: multi-page loan contracts of purchase and sale of cars, different types of insurance which the managers of the dealership asking me to sign immediately; the paper that you propose to read only after you will sign them.

The recommendation of the lawyer:

Sergey Radko, the lawyer of the movement “Freedom of choice”Sergey Radko, the lawyer of the movement “Freedom of choice”

— Do not put a signature in any contract before you read it don’t read it.

Some managers are tricky: you first sign up, and read it later. It is not a serious approach from such “experts” have to leave immediately.

I will say more: I would not recommend you get in touch with car loans. Conditions not the best, but the chance to pay for unnecessary services is very high.

Take an ordinary consumer credit, and since the amount received is sent to the dealer. It is much easier to have a financial relationship with the Bank than with the Bank, the dealer, and even with the insurance company.

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